The biggest omen of Dragonflight

The talent trees are simply put terrible and shows the lack of vision on the current team.

Id like to state in still excited for dragonflight and hope my criticism is seen before it is too late.

So what is the problem with the talent trees? imagine if the transition from TBC TO WOTLK instead of getting the awesome talents we got instead just set bonuses from tbc sets in the wotlk talent tree.

That’s the problem with the DF nothing new… just conduits and legendaries from Shadowlands moved over.

SIDE NOTE: if tie going to make interrupts a talent then make them engaging by making them a morph.

Make it so counter spell does the standard long lock out that can used while casting or make it so you block it and you CS become the stolen spell.

*Make it so solarbeam has a morph that blocks melee abilities instead. *

*Make it so rogue can spec into a Shadow kick ( ranged kick teleport to target) or a standard kick that also slows *

Like these are obviously silly speculative examples but I’m sure the WoW team could get very creative it just feels like there’s no effort in the current talent trees


Why would the team spend time and create new and unqiue talents when they have several expansions of borrowed power talents to pick clean?


Spell bloat for all classes, then make spec’s for single-target, AoE, single target/multi-target stun, single target max damage.

Allow for players to spec how to improve a basic spell kit

We were only shown what two talent trees and those were a WIP so nothing is set yet I for one like these new trees as they are going back to WOW of old and trying to get rid of borrowed power.


some may not remember but when the simplified talents came out they got alot of praise but that was because 90% of the abilities were brand new. Now talents are just used for shelves to hold abilities that use to be baseline or in a previous expac and thats the same thing they will be doing in DF just holding stuff that should be baseline or that was removed via borrowed power.

Same output, different implementation.

“How can we recycle the past for “content””


These wait and see people are why we got Torghast


You are half right. Sure the abilities are all ones that exist or previously existed, but we are getting new combinations of those skills.

For example: balance druids can have both convoke and adaptive swarm if they build it right. You cant have that now.

So the types of builds we can have and use and skill combos will be new.

Will the meta cookie cutter build ruin that? Sure. But thats always the case.

I am sad that we dont have anything new in the talent trees (yet, we have seen 2), but i dont think it is going to be the downfall of the xpac.

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I don’t like the dragon riding system. To much time and effort was put into that system. People say 10.0 is rushed expansion when in reality it’s not. Their only goal was to bring a new system and they did it.

Talents are nothing new and some tweaks to profession as well nothing new. Professions will still suck and have over 200 useless recipes that no one can use. They talk about choose a rep for main progress nothing new. Their main focus and goal is dragon riding and that’s it.

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Let the babies grow and appeal to dad for once.

I like some of the combos I came up with for Frost. Granted, I lose some abilities with these combos…and they might be garbage…so we’ll see.

I just did some fooling around with it too, and it seems very much like they want us to spec into a “niche” so to speak.

Like with bears: there is a “moon bear” spec, a “angry bear” spec and a “i hit hard bear” spec.

Im not sure if I like it or not. Balance is going to be a huge factor in the success of this and i dont have faith in their ability to balance every single spec as it is, adding in 2-4 niches with every spec? Oof.

Cant wait to test it “live” though if im lucky enough to get beta.

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Exactly my concern! If they can pull it off, it will be amazing. Definitely worried that we’ll be locked to very limited builds.

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The OP then quit the game, citing “creative differences” as the reason for his departure.

On paper, Dragonflight is boring. But take an extended view. It is setting the foundation for the future of WoW, instead of tearing itself up and rebuilding every expansion. All the work they’re doing now is work that doesn’t need to be done the next time around, which more more actual content development time not spent reinventing the wheel.


I’m hoping they do more with it going forward, it’s nice we’re getting more permanent fixtures of class design, but the talents themselves are a problem, we need more impactful stuff unpruned like Black arrow instead of scare beast which is pretty useless…

Also some of the talents were just plain better in utility/cosmetic look prior to Legion… prime example: the new stampede, and AOE that doesn’t hit a wide area like an AOE SHOULD and looks about as bad as it functions.

The conduit abilities in and of themselves are less of a problem than various issues, along with restrictive design of the conduit system, and how generally bad many of them are.

If anything, the new talent trees look great if blood DK and boomkin are anything to go off of. Gonna start the expac just busting heads.

MoP talent system doesnt work without major glyphs. Thats just the bottom line here, they are too restrictive and they dont rebalance often enough or early enough for it to matter for most classes.

The silver lining is that they can now revisit this stuff. And changes and refinement will matter for the long term - it won’t all be thrown out with the next X.0 patch. There will be actual iteration.


100% this. People who respond with “let’s wait and see” when game developers announce terrible things are why AAA game development gets worse and worse every year.

Like, Conan Exiles just made a really big announcement for it’s 3.0 patch, but it’s coming with a very bad, predatory Battle Pass system and everyone who is expressing how bad Battle Passes are, are being met with this same exact “let’s just wait and see before we grab the pitchfork” comments.

When you’ve waited and seen it for over a decade, you don’t need to wait and see to know it’s a terrible idea when it’s been terrible in every iteration it’s been tried in. They aren’t going to re-invent the wheel.

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Ideally, but I’ve grown increasingly pessimistic about the balance team over the years.

Season 4 will be a glimpse into the future. If they say, do small tweaks to destro or surv instead of the ol “nuke it into the stone age” approach, I’ll be impressed.


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Season 4 will be the last vestige of current failures. Hopefully. I wouldn’t take any indicators from it as to where the Dragonflight team is going.

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