The best way to improve the new LFG tool

Has already been proffered and Blizzard is willfully ignoring it, despite their claim of welcoming feedback on it.


What a great idea, they should develop some kind of tool that facilitates this


Yeah, I like this. Right now we need to come together and push for a better LFG tool since the LFD stance won’t be changing soon. :confused: Time to compromise.

I want RDF too but you gave them like 12 hours and are now claiming they are ignoring it. You expect them to make a decision that fast? You must be new. Will they do what that post suggests? No most likely not but you didn’t even give them a chance. The blue that made the post likely isn’t a dev anyhow so he couldn’t make the decision on his own either.

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I think that goes against what Blizzard wants for group building. The whole intent is to not automate it, but have players actively engage with each other, at least to some extent. I agree with that intent.

I’m not against compromise, but that’s not a compromise… that’s just RDF and a large part of the functionality that Blizzard wants to avoid.

Finally… they’ve said they’re iterating on it so suggestions are great, but you’ve gotta actually give them time. Blizzard is not known for responding with “Oh, cool idea, we’ll think about it!” so throw your suggestion out there and see what happens on release.

Yeah this is a good idea. Maybe even add an option where it teleports you to the dungeon automatically if you so choose as well as provides a little bit of extra XP and incentivizes healers and tanks to queue as well.

… oh wait. Maybe I’m asking too much.


Nonetheless, they could mention something like. “I’ll relay this idea at the next developer meeting”. Instead, they choose to ignore it. Thereby influencing game development through selective omission.

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So really you are just upset they didn’t reply to this and the other 600 replies saying they would pass the suggestion on?

They don’t often do this for non-controversial suggestions, let alone one one like this. They may well be having that discussion, but they don’t often advertise it.

It’s deeper than that. There’s a history of Blizzard employees and forum moderators taking certain points of view to the devs for action while ignoring all other points of view.

Prior to patch 2.0.10 forum mods were actively promoting forum QQ from warriors about druids being nerfed so the devs responded by massively over nerfing feral to the point they couldn’t even tank normal 5 mans and a hot fix had to be put in to super adjust druid threat. Later a developer tried to claim the nerfs were based off of “internal testing” and not forum QQ but ANY amount of testing, internal or otherwise, would’ve shown the problems with the oppressive over nerfs thus avoiding the brokenness/hotfix debacle.

I even tried to point out the real reasons for the druid nerfs by necroing warrior threads calling for the nerfs. I was necroing 2-3 threads per day and had enough threads saved to last for weeks. After only 1 week of this, the forum moderators tried to cover their tracks by going back and retro actively locking calls to nerf I had saved before I could necro more. Thus proving that they themselves had saved such threads too.

The forums have a history of influencing the game through loud enough QQ posts but only if the Blizzard employees/forum moderators agree with the feedback and take it to the devs for action.

I saw this and felt, as you did, that it was a brilliant suggestion. Surely by making it merely an opt-in function should satisfy all parties.

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They changed there mind on race and faction changes lol. No reason they won’t change there mind on RDF

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That’s all completely irrelevant to your claim of them ignoring the suggestion. They don’t reply to every suggestion saying they will pass it on, that’s just insane to think they would and even more so to expect an answer after 12 hours. We don’t know what suggestions they pass on. You are making a definitive claim with no definitive proof. Pretty poor argument if you ask me. Your claim is: They didn’t reply to this 1 post in a thread of almost 800 replies (sofar) saying they would pass on the suggestion so it means they are ignoring the suggestion. I’ll just see myself out since this thread is going to go no where real fast.

I know this. I’m not against faction/race changes or RDF, just against poor arguments saying they are willfully ignoring a suggestion thats 12 hours old. It would give more belief if the OP quoted the suggestion from an older thread but even there, we are not involved with internal debates and decision making so we don’t know and will never know if they really are ignoring it.

RDF worked great, did not think WOW would go woked. Casual gamers are here for fun, not looking for a job, or a career. RDF was awesome it would port you right to the dungeon when the group was assembled. Not have to PAY!!! a tank or healer.

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RDF isn’t a 12 hour old suggestion though. I’d be willing to bet they have so many development issues to resolve they just don’t care when they can implement it later. Why release a game in a good state?

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His quoted post is indeed a 12 hour old post. The quote isn’t a full RDF but a modified version of RDF. I even stated it would give more belief if they quoted the suggestion from an older thread. But again, making definitive claims with no real proof. Just poor arguments really since none of us are involved in the meetings they have and expecting them to reply to every suggestion saying they will pass it on, is just silly.

any class can queue as any role, making this suggestion hot garbage.

oh look, the best feedback about the LFG tool is still being ignored, even after blizzard solicited such feedback. Color me surprised.

Accepting feedback doesn’t mean implementing said feedback. They accepted the feedback, but are choosing to ignore the feedback.

Exactly. The legal team made them say they were taking feedback.

Now talk about your empty gestures.

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