Wrath Classic Feedback and Decisions


Why fix what isnt broken.


I would still recommend adding RDF for 1-70 at least. You can still get groups to queue up and get in faster. Just make it server wide and not across all servers and it will be fine. It being WOTLK classic most people want to play WOTLK. That way people can quest and just queue up and get to leveling. That’s just my opinion. You can still do the bulletin board style LFG for WOTLK content.

Edit: The reasoning for this is I’ve gone through classic…many times. I’m here to play WOTLK. Boosting would have still existed but I feel like with RDF it wouldn’t have been as bad at low levels. Just help me level through old content faster so I can get into WOTLK on a couple of characters.


I know… I know… Best to just brace ourselves lol as i said I’ll give the LFG tool they have another try

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This is all great stuff but we still want RDF. This LFG tool is no good.


I feel raid lockouts are being over thought. it was ONE raid that had 4 lockouts. ICC had dynamic difficulty and that’s fine, the raids before ToGC had only normal (and hard modes you activate there).

togc should have dynamic difficulty like ICC as opposed to still having 4 but being locked out of 2 of them


Suggestion for the tool. When you enter yourself into the LFG tool, you can select an “auto join” option and it looks at other solo players in the tool with this option turned on and in different roles. Then selects 1 tank, 3dps and 1 healer and then asks if you want to join them in the selected dungeon. You hit join, you all pop into a group and you run to the dungeon.


Blizzard still being tone deaf and say continue giving feedback just to COMPLETLY IGNORE IT.

Did all the retail devs come to classic to be blockheads that dont listen?

GG The more things change the more they stay the same

Give us RDF Jesus Christ



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I’m coo with that.


So, when are you releasing the PREPATCH blizzard?


Any word on changing the ability to transfer characters between WoW accounts?


Boss, if you’re that worried about race change, just put in racial shift. NPC in dalaran will let you pick any race’s racial set that your class is capable of using. IE, a human mage can’t use bloodfury, but can use troll racial. Alternatively, a dwarf warrior can absolutely take the orc set. It’s the easiest change for raid and PVP balance you could possibly do while letting people play what they want to look like. For arenas, just put it next to the players nameplate, like how we show spec on retail, or which PVP trinket talent they use.

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Hooray! Love all of this.


How do I report a blue post for trolling


Tripling down i see. Can’t wait to see what other terrible decisions this development team makes going foward!


LOL, of course the only respones you actually caved to is set to make you money. Such a joke.


Is the LFG tool going to teleport us to the dungeon? that was the best part about RDF, if you aren’t bringing in the thing people want most, will you at least make the tool you have better? bring back RDF or at least give us the free port to the dungeon.


Thank you for the update! Would really appreciate some information regarding pre-patch and fresh servers. My friends and I, and I’m sure a lot of other people as well, have put off playing Classic since we got the news about these fresh servers coming out and instead have been waiting to roll on them.


I’ve seen many people saying that Honor will carry over from Classic TBC into Wrath because it did in the original versions. Can we get confirmation if Honor will carry over, or will be reset in pre-patch or launch date?


Please Blizzard, I’d like you to answer how will you tackle the new problems you will create in terms of faction imbalance with this faction change option being added now…


I’m happy about this choice, i plan on running 10man with one group of people, and 25s with a different group. Thanks for letting me do this!