The AoE changes are bad

Look I can’t believe imma bout to say this but…
If they design encounters and dungeons with it in mind… it will be fine…


Makes total sense to me. It will make for more interesting fights instead of mindlessly spamming aoe buttons. Also, it will let all classes shine even if they don’t have a preferred AOE ability like current iteration.


You’re complaining about this wrong.

The changes are for Torghast, to prevent AoE cheese in something that’s meant to be a challenge.

The real question you should be asking, is why aren’t these nerfs applied exclusively to Torghast.

Let’s see, thread 674 today. You couldn’t post in the other 673? Your use of “bad” is that unique?

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Ehhhh idk on that. Mindlessly slow grinding packs of mobs isnt fun either.

Also DoT classes will be God’s

Which part of this doesn’t make sense?

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I can respect their reasoning even if I don’t agree with it. I do understand what they’re going for, and by all means if it reduces the amount of stuns, fears, teleporting mobs, etc. then I’m all for it. However, it does depend on how the content is designed and if it’s going to be painfully noticeable.


Because the changes are not exclusively for Torghast; they’re to combat a severe problem with gameplay that’s been growing out of proportion for years.


From what I understand they’re mainly/only nerfing some melee dps, not tanks and not many ranged. Seems about right to me. I understand you don’t like it because it’s hitting the class you play. Also tbf, rogues in m+ is probably a big reason they are doing it.


If they made it easier to swap specs, classes, builds, etc when they do a big balance change then they could perhaps do balance changes more often without the sky falling.

They only treat this game like an RPG contemporarily when its least convenient for the player.

It’s reading like fire has a target cap of 8 targets now as well.

They’re trying to get away from the meta of bursty aoe specs is what they’re doing.

I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with it, to be honest. I can see merits in both systems. I suppose it was this or buff the other specs… and we all know that Blizzard prefers to nerf rather than buff.

I mean…it’s not just about this. They should get rid of burst almost entirely and make everyone have higher regular/sustained damage. Burst windows are cool and exciting, but we all know mechanics have to happen. It sucks when you’re a melee like a Ret Paladin and have Avenger up and now you have to move away because of a mechanic or three. You’ve activated combustion as a Fire Mage, but now your turn for mechanic has popped. Well there goes your time window until the next one.

Maybe this expansion they will take the time out to reduce the amount of damage that comes from CDs so getting a mechanic does’t deter your damage so bad or healing. I, myself, prefer my Affliction to just be completely sustained over any burst. It also diminishes content, though, since it’s just PULL BIG! and then pop defensives and CDs and done. They do need to curb this instead of letting it spiral out of control so badly.

That would be nice. It’s felt kind of weird with how former pillar spells like Fireball have taken the back seat in most situations.

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Can you fill me in on the details? Im redownloading the game for some reason. Did they put in a new patch? My AoE on Prot pally is pretty stupid, will beat most besides extremely seasoned dps.

an outlaw rogue that does m+

poggers ofc aoe capping is bad

what kind of nonsense justification is this?

I also play DK at 2400, hunter and shadow priest. It’s a dumb change


hunter and dk. also has absurd aoe last i remember.

curious about your spriest tho since spriest aoe is lol

What do you mean nonsense justification? I understand you want big numbers, playing the big aoe specs, but seriously yo. For those who play the specs that do very well in aoe they will see it as nonsense justification, but, considering the way things are pulled is it really nonsense? Yes, I understand you wanna go-go-go and not spend an hour or more in a dungeon, but, it’s a bit absurd to think that it was gonna stick around in that form.

There’s always changes like this and the playerbase gets salty because they want to go-go-go instead of slowing their battles down.

Fire ion, fire ion! Everybody now!

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Just today I did some dailies. I pulled more than 5 targets on my paladin in nazjatar so many times. Only damaging 5 out of a mob of 10 makes no sense, breaks immersion and mechanically will make qoe abilities (divine storm) feel stupid. Why would spinning holy hammers pick five of the ten targets to hit? It will hinder game play in the world and in instanced content. Please revert this change. AoE is the most enjoyable part of the game. 5 targets is not AoE.

I understand not wanting to have certain classes be dominant like DH and outlaw rogues, but this won’t change that, just change the meta to favour uncapped AoE classes like mage with blizzard. Already as it is warriors feel terrible because their AoE except bladestorm is capped.

Punishing players for a play style again, like the GCD changes.