The #1 Top DPS player in TK is a Fury Warrior

Fury Warriors are literally in almost every top 10 ranked players worldwide on warcraftlogs, so why do people claim their bad?

To me, It seems like since they’re less good in TBC than Classic, people have went to the deep end in overcorrection saying that they are a bad spec, when according to warcraftlogs they are always at the top, and a skilled warrior can beat out classes thought to be always better like hunter/warlock/arcane mage.

It’s a misconception to call Fury Warrior a bad spec, it’s actually one of the best performing specs in the game, on par with warlocks and hunters.

So why do you guys think people spread misinformation saying Fury Warrior is “useless” or a bad spec?


Do you play a fury warrior or is this just another thread for attention?


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Nope, and no. I’m not sure why you think debunking a common and often toxic misconception that fury warriors are bad/meme spec is just a “another thread for attention” but it seems like a personal problem of yours.

I saw what happened with the deleted post. Cute.

I honestly don’t care about this topic, I just wanted to ask that question.


Another copium post. DPS on KT/Vashj doesn’t even matter because they’re so much downtime. Also warriors are now stacking battlechickens and getting multiple hero’s each fight just to pad numbers when realistically those heroes would’ve been better on hunters and locks.

Couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a reason people are stacking locks and hunters and maybe bring a single warrior to a raid.


You cannot argue against the numbers, Fury Warriors are in the top 10 in every single raid category as well as #1 DPS in TK boss and boss/trash, as well as #2 on SSC categories.
All data taken from warcraftlogs.

Every class who want to parse do this, it’s not exclusive to warriors only and you know it.

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Ahlaundo has a stacked group with every benefit you could give a physical dps class in this game and a lot of cheese to get that high of dps. Certainly not representative of the dps of an average fury warrior at all.


If you were to research more thoroughly you’d see that the median Fury Warrior performance is average. There is a large variance in the upper quartiles for Fury, some of this will be skill but also abuse of game mechanics. The top parses will have multiple battle chickens, multiple BL, using every consume under the sun and be in raid comps with ultra fast kill times.

So while Fury is certainly not as bad as some claim, their performance under the microscope of realistic raid conditions + what raid benefits they bring (which is none) start to make them look lacklustre. To bring a pure DPS class that only has the utility of Battle Shout (which can be provided by any Warrior) they would need to do substantially more DPS to be a net benefit over nearly any other class.

That is the reason they are somewhat snubbed and while I agree that the community goes a bit far with their lack of usefulness they are still a little underwhelming in a Meta based on what do you bring to the raid.


Fury rotation is a joke. Also warriors scale with gear way better then any other class in the game.
Warrior in crap gear=bad damage
Warrior in bis gear=almost top or top damage.

Obviously doing the correct rotation of course

Idgaf about your data lol. Warcraft logs can be manipulated with in game gimmicks (like taking KT legendary weapons to solarion) which they end up fixing anyway. All the warriors from vanilla are trying soooo hard to be relevant when really they aren’t. They’re subpar tanks and subpar dps other than trash.Bring an arms for the debuff to help the real dps (hunters). Warriors get good in around P2/P3 of WOTLK and you get prio on weapons then.

Until then, please stop with the nonstop posts trying to make yourself feel ‘needed’.


It’s this kind of rhetoric I was referring to. They are not sub par, they are par or even slightly ahead of par. Thousands of parses that show median DPS levels aren’t gamed. The extreme outliers are and those are 2nd only to arcane mages.

The issue is only that they don’t bring raid utility. If they brought something of value you would see far more of them and they wouldn’t be shunned so much.


So evidence and statistics are irrelevant to you, interesting. I suppose personal ancedotes of yours is more important. (LOL) . Also, every single class would benefit from KT legendary weapons, not just warriors. And of course warriors are in top 10 every week in SSC.

But you probably know this and are arguing in bad faith, as seen as your negative attitude to warriors in general it’s clear your personal feelings and anecdotes matter more to you than DPS rankings/statistics aka evidence of the actual viability of the class. I’m not sure why you get wrapped up in the emotional drama of which class you “hate” and don’t hate, I think anyone can tell you which of the latter and former. All we have to do is read your post. In short, your emotional bias is quite apparent.

I don’t play a warrior. My main is my avatar at the top right, if you were unaware.

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To everyone it might be a shocker, but it’s never the class and always player performance. If most rogues are garbage but half of warrior players good ones, then how can you even compare? Goes to every class. I would say warlocks would be higher up if people actually mained it and not rerolled.

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MY emotional bias? The fact that you’ve made multiple posts and are commenting everwyere you can that “warriors are good” shows that you’re the emotional one here…

Of course you’d hide your warrior main, would be a little narcissistic yeah?


Don’t think op has a warrior main. Their threads are all to trigger people into discussions where each other will spread hate onto. Nothing new here to be honest.


Yes, your emotional bias. I’m surprised you aren’t aware of your own biases, that sounds like a personal problem.

Debunking an often common (and often toxic) misconception that fury warriors are meme or otherwise bad is a worthy goal of a mmo discussion forum, don’t you think?

It’s unfortunate that some people have such visceral reactions to it, but ultimately is their own emotions and/or personality at work.

warriors suck dude. good for shouts tho


He even gets a Soulstone on most of his parses lmfao…

People see him and think it’s the normal, even OPs guild could never make a warrior look that good

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Fury is fine.

It has and will always be a top scaling spec, the issue is like you said it brings nothing but dps.

You aren’t ever going to stack fury unless youre in that top 1% speed clearing guild.

On average guilds will bring 1-2, the 1 being the normal.

Just isn’t enough raid spots for non utility dps.