That time of the year again

Once again it’s that time of the year where I’m stuck reminiscing about the good ol’ days on Emerald Dream. The server became a former husk of itself with things such as Warmode, CRZ abusing/server hopping, poor gameplay loops, cross faction guilds, weiz (all scout addons), and finally the lack of support rpers had in the past with griefing. It really displays how out of touch blizzard is with this aspect of the game and how aged “rp” servers have become.

All these things have either severely hindered rp on the server, or just aged poorly. Not only that, but the community itself has changed. When I played back in bfa majority of the server was filled with big pure pvper egos that liked to grief and bash rpers. Which leads me to believe that rp servers should only allow rpers on the server, pure pvpers and raiders have 0 place on a rp server.

There is only two solutions to fixing the rppvp community. That being said for this to happen TRP needs to be integrated into the game for the first solution to be possible.

  1. Delete and restart all rp servers, with free transfers to two new servers. One for rp, one for rppvp. But to join you need to apply to the server. If it looks like you put basic work into your trp you’re in, otherwise tough luck. Is this system, perfect? No, but it’s surely hell of a lot better than allowing anyone and there mother to join the server just cuz. This is a system I’m copying from phasing on Epsi, and a community on Project Zomboid. There application process is far more complex and tryhard, so for this to work if you put effort into your trp at all your in.

  2. Let retail rppvp vanish away and maybe one day Jesus Christ himself will arise from the ashes to create a rppvp pserver similar to Epsilon.

Anyways I’m starting to feel my brain go numb from copium huffing, farewell.


This isn’t necessary, some people would not want this.

Just make a new RPPvP server and people can transfer to it if they wish. I would in a second if it didn’t have Warmode / sharding etc.


Nobody likes gatekeepers, no matter what gate they’re keeping.

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I still think pure pvpers have 0 right to be on a rp server. This server suffers from the most from this IMO, which is the biggest reason why walk rp has been extinct for a long while. I’ve even been seeing this whole ordeal repeat on WRA. Nobody wants to immerse themselves in a rp server where most of the people are either toxic pvpers trying to flex whatever clout they think they have, or just simply afk lol.

You could say “go find a guild, or find events” but that in itself is gatekeeping casual rpers from having a true walk-up experience. More so than allowing players to join only if they have a trp, something they should have. If you can’t take 10-20 minutes to mark up profile for your toon then you shouldn’t be a rper.

A new RPPVP server could reignite hype for the rppvp scene, but for how long? If they do that the least they could do is remove CRZ, Warmode, and other sharding stuff. This would not solve the problem of pure pvpers sliding on to the server to grief, which is more so what always happens. Can’t really say the presence of guilds like ruin really adds much to the community.

Another thing that kinda dampens wpvp is death balling done by guilds like EOTN in the past. I don’t really see the rp or pvp in 10-20 ppl 1 shotting 1-2 ppl straggling around doing quests.

BTW: I’m not trying to doom, I’m just presenting an actual problem for the rppvp community. Eventually duels and other fights will turn toxic fast, that’s just the nature of pvping in the game. We’ve seen big egos collide many times, how would you prevent this?


I wasn’t aware your opinion was the only one that matters. This is a you problem, friend. I don’t know how to fix it, but your “keep pvpers off rp-pvp servers” ain’t it.

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Who said my opinion was the only one that mattered? Why are you getting so butt hurt for no reason?

I mean it ain’t really my problem, your server and community is dead. It’s really your problem. It’s just pretty funny how the majority of people on dead rp servers aren’t even rpers, either that or they just use the server to scoop up items on the bmah. If you’re so complacent to not even see how that’s a problem then I don’t know what to tell you, have fun playing on a fake rp server :confused:

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I dunno. RP and PvP kinda just go hand and hand for me. When I first came to ED, it was fun and easy to meet people through RP. That got me interested in PvP. Next thing I know, random invites to WPvP hunting parties started arriving before I would get through my login loading screen.

I also saw the junk side of WPvP on ED. My first open world kill on a hordie ended up in me getting a stream of ridiculously childish and hilariously sophomoronic hate whispers from that hordie after he logged onto his alliance toon. Lmao! We were the same levels and all I did was remove that horde character from the quest giver that I needed. Roflmao!

Good times!


Baast… Hmmm? Where do I know that name from?

Oh! Right! You’re that jovial, old dwarf tavern keep who was always hoppin’ up onto the tables then sittin’ down and chattin’ up a storm while people were tryin’ to eat!


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Yup, that’s me! Best damn bartender on Azeroth.

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everyone has their own suggestions on how to make the game good again. all it comes down to is blizzard needs to be more unforgiving like they used to be, in every aspect, especially social. nobody wants to play a game that isnt challenging but blizzard isnt going to cater to that because its just so much simpler to go with the grain of the current sociopolitical climate than against it. look at elon for example, dudes being blasted in the media everyday for going against the grain. blizz would rather not be in the spotlight and thats just the way she goes

games dead, let it go

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But, you revived emerald dream? How can this be.


still mad that you were ousted from the server i see. never gonna let it go, will ya lil bro?

Ousted? Lol

I don’t know how you can whine about the game dying in one comment, then be happy about helping kill it on the next.

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this is the delusional attitude that got you kicked off the server

That’s fine, but like you said you rp and pvp. I’m speaking purely of people that play on rp servers without actually rping ever, don’t really understand it. Getting free t3 is sweet ig. IC WPVP is awesome, but just getting 20 ppl and steam rolling small fishes isn’t rppvp. Which I think is the problem, all these people who claim to roleplay under the guise of wpvp/rppvp.

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Damn so you paid for his server transfer? Why didn’t you pay for mine bro?

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Filthy pond scum

who even are you lol

Who do you think you are, I am.

Wait! Lol! You didn’t just try and go this route did you? Lol!

In the forums of a video game!? Lol!


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