That time of the year again

um, yeah… its pretty obvious blizz today is completely different from blizz back then. ive played continuously since about 3 months before tbc launch and i have seen it with my own eyes blizzard turn woke just as disney and friends. it wouldnt be that big of a deal for blizzard if they had oceans of $$ like disney but they dont, they have daddy activision but they’ll throw blizz away once they’re not making enough money and they have really ran out of options here. they do the whole “new content” bait and switch every blue moon but thats probably losing its spark especially after the launch of dragonflight it was blatantly obvious to every single person that this is blizz’s new tactic to staying afloat and with that, everyone is also assuming that the content will be short lived henceforth and it is therefore less and less people will come back whenever the “sick new drop” is announced cuz why bother? boring.

Activision doesn’t own Blizzard.

Activision Blizzard is one company.

(Blizzard bought Activision my guy, they absorbed the company and chose to leave Bobby as CEO…)

The Activision Boogeyman is copium.


akctually… contrary to popular belief


Blizzard ruined Blizzard.


I’d come back to wow immediately if they did this.

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Excellent point. The other side of that coin is, at least in my RP experiences over the years, so much of the RP is heavily scripted and that makes it very difficult for other players to get involved. Randomly walking up to a character in game and starting some RP is awkward at first but eventually it becomes like PvP. The more you practice both the easier it becomes.

I am horrible at RP, but I’m pretty sure I’m having fun; let me check … YUP! Because, “I do me.” I do not concern myself with the angst of others; maybe it’s a Gen X thing … :thinking: Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s a mind over matter thing. That, and I have an ignore list that weeds out the cronies purdy well. So, OP if you - or anyone else on this thread - chat me up! I’ll be the one walking through town.

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Maybe being able to strike up a conversation (or pick a fight) with anyone is just a dwarf thing.


sharding, phasing, all that crap killed the game for me. 90% of the game was the community. thats long gone now. The fun was fighting people you know, now its just fighting random people, or no ones around cause no ones flagged for pvp. I look at my friends list and some people havnt been online in years and that sucks.

pvp and rp go hand and hand. While i did not RP, i had fun protecting events and getting to see it go down.


Omg shut up ED is gone

only if you bring the salt




Wow is this person the ED spokes person? How do I sign up? This seems like a nice server with stable individuals such as myself.

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Woah wow! Is that you in the video? Cool dude!

Its literally ME

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