That one server

They DID make a substantial change. The server populations are MASSIVE. So an unbalance that in the original game might result in an area being under enemy control was a fact of life, you didn’t have to suffer with THE WHOLE GAME BEING COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY OVERRUN SO YOU CAN’T DO ANTHING!!!


cough layering cough spell batching cough 1.12 patch cough server populations cough


They are.

read blue posts.

The point is that players shouldn’t have the power to completely destroy the faction balance of a server…


This thread is uninformed.

If this actually worked the servers wouldn’t be unbalanced.

They put it in afterwards.

It’s not about fair, it’s about balance.

It’s all very xd

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They very well could do an easy server queue cap at vanilla levels and faction queue cap at 60/40% either way. Then open transfers to more realms. At first people wouldn’t move but after days of locked in queue they would.

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I don’t see how it’s on blizzard to dictate which faction players choose to play.

Volume overall is the only thing they could possibly control.

Faction imbalance is not new to classic, it was around in vanilla and persists in retail.

Blizzard hasn’t concerned themselves with a lot of things. Like their players, for instance.

This is a problem exacerbated by mega servers and the illusion layering gave. Once that illusion was gone the problems started. You can go back and read the beginnings of panic when layers were removed. Mishandling transfers of the underrepresented faction didn’t help.

Wagging your finger at players and lecturing them that they should have known the depths of Blizzard’s bungling ineptitude isn’t going to help.

Yeah, they should have known but here they are. And sadly the only solution is to quit or reroll.

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You mean the server that only had 10% as many players as EVERY server has in Classic?

There’s a lot you can do with only 10% as many players.

Dollars mean zero, in this case. Why do you mention money?

The server had a 15k population which is similar to a Classic server.

Citing those changes as examples of why you thought Blizzard would take action to make PvP fair just proves my point about you and others banking on a promise which was never made.

you mean the exact same thing blizzard did… nothing? I’ve never seen people cry so much about not everything being perfectly even.

The increased server population is in effect for both Horde and Alliance players. I suspect the ratios between factions in Classic are the same as in Vanilla.

Wow, what? First you claim that Classic servers don’t have a higher pop than Vanilla servers and now you claim Classic servers have over 150k per server?

I need an aspirin.

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Use whatever word you want. You’re complaining about one faction having what you consider to be an unfair advantage because of numbers. The real problem is you want more control over your PvP. Go to the servers which provide that control.