Thanks to the level boost, I'll be playing TBC Classic

going from 60 kicks in the balls to 30 kicks in the balls doesnt change that I want to avoid getting kicked in the balls.

I unfortunately have to still do the 30 kicks in the balls because we need resto shamans alliance side. I am glad they are not offering boosts for the goats/elves but I am not looking forward to leveling.

yeah. it sucks.

God speed, luckily this time around I’ll be on Horde so this won’t be an issue.

timba is not a retail player the way you think he is. he has made thread after thread calling blizz out on everything he could possibly think is wrong with retail. we’ve gone round and round about stuff a lot, because of it. i am the evil retailer you hate. he is not.

Ive been able to stock up on some gear, and we will have people boosting re-rollers so that will help ease things.

Reminds me I need to go on my leatherworker and craft some stuff that I can get ready to mail. Instant mail would be nice.

I think I currently have the biggest ever QQ Thread made on these forums too. If only Blizzard listened :frowning:

i’m sure one of my alts is there somewhere throwing shade at you. XD

Are you guys dating?

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you are responsible for the biggest qq thread ever as you say.

and you surely know that i meant many people with your attitude making posts gave blizzard the justification to ruin the game with real money transactions, among many other things.

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I’m a little curious to why so many people who are self proclaimed “classic andy” think this isn’t the same Blizzard-Activision who handles retail and classic.

You really thought you were going to avoid being milked by the company who just laid off employees while their CEO got a 200million dollar bonus?


Same company who is offering paid clones of characters vs a free move/stay?

And I’m the fool? :laughing:

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yeah of course you are. you validate it. you welcome it.

you’re saying i’m a fool for expecting classic tbc to be handled similarly to classic vanilla?

i’ve tried to explain this to them as well. you’ll just be called a shill if you mention how naive they were to believe blizz’s “love letter to the fans” bs.

Yeah the good hearted and kind spirited Activision-Blizzard multibillion dolar company made Classic because of their appreciation for the players and not because they saw dollar signs eventually.

Shoutout the little guy, Thanks ActivisionBlizzard!

i explained about retro gaming. and cash grabs. they genuinely believed blizzard "cares so much about classic’ etc. :expressionless:

i don’t even know what the love letter to the fans is and i don’t see what being naive has to do with anything. naive or not doesn’t justify blizzard’s actions and i don’t really see the argument.

Why do they have to justify anything?

the same blizzard you think ruined retail made classic. did you honestly expect anything but what you’re getting? they didn’t magically morph into a completely different company when they started working on classic.

what are you even talking about. i haven’t said that blizzard made classic for the fans. it was obviously to increase sub count because you retail players have been milked dry. and here we go again

Then TBC isn’t for you. The appeal of classic is different than what you want. Stop ruining classic. You want boosts, store mounts, paid services? Go to retail. We don’t want that ****, why do you think we wanted classic so badly? Because it got rid of all that garbage.


blizz doesn’t care what you want. blizz wants boosts. so tbc classic will have boosts. there is no bargaining. or changing their minds. or anything. if you don’t want tbc to have boosts and refuse to play your only option is to quit. because they’re coming.

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