Thanks for this Blizz (story raids)

They are fussing on the forums, Tiffanius!


/10 char

Why just for one raid?
M O R E!

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Good addition, but I can already see the threads demanding that story mode drops loot/mogs.

What? This has nothing to do with Torghast or anything like it.

Torghast is a cool concept with poor execution. I’m down for them giving it another go - just make it evergreen optional content that unlocks cosmetics.


As mentioned in the article above, we’ve been working on a new raid experience for The War Within called Story difficulty.

Throughout World of Warcraft’s history, many of the most epic moments in our stories have been told in dungeons and raids. With the recent introduction of Follower Dungeons, we’ve been experimenting with new ways for players to see those stories, especially for those who may not feel comfortable playing within the social expectations of group environments.

With Story difficulty in Nerub-ar Palace, our goal is to offer players a way to see the epic conclusion of Azj-Kahet’s story who may not see the end to that story otherwise. This difficulty is intended for a private party of 1-5 players and will allow players to face off against Queen Ansurek without the assistance of other players or Followers. This encounter features reduced combat complexity and difficulty, instead focusing on the narrative elements of the encounter. Story difficulty is intended to be experienced as a one-time chapter in the game’s story, but is repeatable for players who want to revisit that part of the adventure.

We currently plan to release this experience alongside the final wing of Looking For Raid difficulty, for players who’ve reached the appropriate point in the questing experience of The War Within. We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature once it’s released.


I’m so glad options are a bad thing.


I love LFR so I can get to see the story, but I also love healing folks, as well. :slight_smile: Good stuff.

What they don’t tell you is that Story difficulty actually requires you to spend 20 hours grinding for gear upgrades before you can complete it, and they’re gonna nerf every remotely decent source of the upgrades people find.

Neat! Can you clarify if it will drop any kind of loot or if it’s purely for story purposes?

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Blizz did good with this one. Im kinda in shock.


Please entertain changing this. One of the worst parts of being a non-group player is the very long wait to see the story content - the very part most of us play for. It’s not fun having the raids and storylines spoiled for us since it usually takes 1-2 months for the full lfr experience to be released.

Please consider releasing this the same time that everyone else can see the story.


Yesssss. I can’t wait for this! I don’t care if there isn’t loot. And the rp possibilities. Fun fun.


This is very pog.

The LFR difficulty of the final boss of each raid has been a disaster in DF. A miserable, miserable experience in my opinion. Normal raids are cool, but are mostly dead due to the further and further expansion of catch-up mechanics or open-world welfare systems. Basically, if you don’t raid at least AOTC you’re in for a bad time, to the point where you may just completely miss entire story beats due to not being able to experience the intended culmination of the story.

This Story difficulty seems like a very good thing.

As an aside, story beats being Renown locked on top of the way raid lore was experienced meant you could own Dragonflight and play Dragonflight and experience close to 0% of the story which is absolutely wild. I know the Renown locks were eventually removed but like, yikes. I don’t know about anyone else but basically my entire consumption of Dragonflight’s story has been through Bellular. It’s probably why I like Shadowlands more than Dragonflight - I actually experience the Shadowlands story playing the game, whereas DF’s story was consumed via youtube content.

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this is a fantastic change. nice work!


If its just a story version I think I would prefer just getting it when the first LFR wing happens. Simply because it really sucks having to wait for the final story beat once you acquire the “Okay go finish the raid” quest with raids.

At that point you know people would just be very very bored or just go see the story on youtube.


maybe, maybe not.

I’m also certain that if there was no loot in normal and heroic few or none would even bother with them.

WoW today is different that it was 10-15 years ago.

Few care who cleared a raid and on what difficulty today.

Most of us care only for story and power progression.

OT: I like the sound of story raids.

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Have you tried not standing in the breath attacks?

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I can’t make OTHER PEOPLE not stand in the breath attacks.

Weirdge response/attack.

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Finally, a raid difficulty for Asmongold.