Thank You For Your Reports

How about instead of making so players right click report, you do something about your anti cheat system?

For ever 1 bot you can right click report, there are 100 hunter/mage bots in starting zones leveling new accounts to bot with or are botting herbs underground.

I mean, how hard can it be to detect a character moving UP in the air instead of down and realize that character is a bot?

Or, how about going to the kodo graveyard outside maraudon and ban all the hunter bots insta-tagging neutral kodos?

Come on now.


nobody thinks those reports actually go anywhere. So.


So all the bots endlessly farming inside instances won’t be banned cause we can’t right click them.


We could all huddle around the entrance and catch them unawares :thinking:

not hard to find the bots. go look at any ogre camp and see 10 hunters botting or check instances with all the mage bots.

I roll to disbelieve in their commitment to get rid of bots. Either Blizzard are too cheap to hire enough of a team to handle the problem, or they simply value the botters’ sub fees over the community’s viability. Probably both.

Botters have been an issue since launch. This blue post is full of poo. I’m sorry Kaivax is stuck in this position between worthless management and the customers who aren’t fooled for a second.


The bots zone, reset, and rezone so quickly you barely ever knew they were there. No way someone could RCR them in time.

The fact that bots are opening using fly hacks even out in the open world on popular servers just goes to show that they arnt afraid and most likely have many back up accounts in their pockets.

Blizzards really gotta dig deep on this one and get it under control. I hardly feel like our right click reports do anything and bots are clearly the reason you had to add back layers when you re-allowed character creation on locked servers.

I really feel like warden (if thats what they still use) doesnt do anything at all. what happened to blizzards anti cheat? Classic is literally being crippled bots and it kinda sucks.


“Thank you for right click reporting” oh so we gotta do the job for you?

What’s next? Buy another account to level a char to 60 in the opposite faction and corpse camp them?

FIX YOUR ANTI CHEAT! How can you not detect an out of bounds character in ZG and insta-kill it but you can in WSG/AB? oh thats right, fixing that would mean $15 less per bot, while fixing it in WSG wouldn’t make the PVP player quit playing.


wasn’t the point of recreating classic on the modern game engine was so botting wouldn’t be so rampant? how are they not being detected and banned instantly?


Shouldn’t Blizzard be able to detect something like that without us reporting them?


Actions speak much louder then words, the rampant botting in every corner of azeroth month after month sums up what your actions are saying blizzard.

Botters pay a subscription too guys.


This has been notoriously difficult to see. Ban waves tend to be infrequent, only heard about third-hand, and minimally impactful against what is visible in-game.

One of the issues tends to be that by the time Blizzard gets around to a ban (months after reports are made is historically what has been said), all the gains have long since been laundered - such as selling goods via the AH. The negative impact is not being addressed.

Banning an account that cost a player nothing more than month to month game time, which may not even be their primary account … that does not feel like “strong actions”. It feels like an invisible slap on the wrist that a bot doesn’t even feel.


Dont you have phones? Call NetEase they are running classic WoW better in China banning 100k a week. They also prove it to their community by showing them. If you had the time to type this hallow post you had the time to contact the company thats running the same game better.


They literally banned like a few thousand a few weeks ago.

Blizzard loves CHYNA!


Even wowhead ran an article on this. Still just “observing”. :rofl:
Maybe Bobby Gallywixx will take a smaller bonus this year so you can hire some real GM’s. Hahahahahaha
Not happening.


Retail still has bots you just don’t see them as much. World content isn’t as lucrative as instance farming and players are a LOT more spread out in the world. We see this in the botters behavior today as they are starting to move from open world to instances, even if it’s less profitable in the end.

It’s not simple. Customer Service aren’t just used to follow up on botting reports. They have a great number of things that have to get done in a day in between answering support tickets, having meetings, so-forth-and-so-on. Someone could do that day in and day out but would you, personally, be willing to fund that effort? At the end of the day it’s a job that someone has to do. I’ve done it and it can be draining, not to mention mindnumbing.

Stop whining.

Easy fix.

Do not play.

I don’t believe it- Blizz finally makes a post saying they’re doing something about bots after months of silence and clear inaction, and rather than everyone trumpeting praise for them, most players are rightly calling Blizz out on being all talk, no action.

Thank you for giving me a pleasant surprise today community.