Thank You For Your Reports

What about the fly hack ? I doubt that right click report will help on this.


I’m just going to leave this here, just for you.


Perfect response from a multi-dollar, small independent start-up that uses crowdfunding. I am sure they have 2 full teams of people on their entire staff, they had to have one of their few employees take time from bug fixing to craft this response.

They aren’t a multi-billion dollar company that has tons of resources or anything guys, just because private servers handle bots and exploiters faster and better with most people working for free, doesn’t mean that this small company isn’t trying!


I appreciate what you’re saying, but this has been an ongoing issue that they’ve chosen to ignore from day one, which isn’t an opinion, they really have, what action has been taken where bots are concerned at all in like 10 months? So rightly so, people are going to be annoyed. Yes they’ve acknowledged it, that’s great, but until they do something people are going to be negative, myself included, the server i’m on has a ridiculous amount of bots on it, farming is a joke when 100 odd bots are farming all the herbs/ore in a zone.


Blizzard is seriously telling us that the best way to combat bots is to keep doing what we’re doing? What we’re doing obviously does nothing! You don’t follow up on the reports. This post doesn’t even promise that they have a plan or that they’ll put more effort into fighting bots. PATHETIC.

“We’ll CONTINUE to enforce the rules as SWIFTLY AS WE CAN”

He’s admitting that the current state of bots is the best they can do.


Should have just stayed quiet until you actually did something that people noticed.
As it stands bots are everywhere. Even if you are removing 100 a day they have already been replaced. The bots are power leveling 100’s of back ups daily.


Stop trying to dissuade people from reporting botters so your farm isn’t in danger.


no mention of banwave, no mention of blizzard taking any action. you need some people dedicated to identifying and banning these people. If some idiot on youtube can easily do a /who and find a slew of bots, then you can too. take that activision blood money and put it to good use for once and hire people to actually address these bots.

No idea why this was hidden, perfectly valid comment.


Still salty and toxic I see

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I feel there isn’t a lot of action being taken. I’ve reported the exact same troll rogue black lotus farming bot for over a week and kept seeing him out there all the same. I just searched him again now, and he is still in WS, unbanned. He follows the same damn path every day, it really can’t be that f’ing hard to push the ban button.

I do appreciate the post to show it’s at least on the radar, but how about some action? Action being something that is reasonable, ie - for every different day the bot was used, 1 week ban. If it just the standard 48 hour or even 1-2 weeks, nothing will change.


It’s hard to report bots that operate in instances. Or are flying under the ground.


I’ve reported multiple bots multiple times, and they are still not banned.

At this point, I wonder if I should bot a “report bot” bot to bot reporting all day and see if that helps?


Bots have been a problem since the literal beginning of WoW. Many leaps have been made on retail to curb, contain, and even hide this activity. Typically blizzard NA/EU does not give numbers on the amount of accounts that have been actioned - It’s been said that it’s a privacy thing.

This is not new. What actually happens is that a bot program will get banned by Anti-cheat (warden), accounts will get actioned, the bot makers update the programs, and the cycle continues. Active player monitoring and removal has not happened for almost 20 years.

Botting isn’t a problem that is going to go away and can only be mitigated.

I don’t like cheaters, I want them to be banned. You’re trying to convince people that reporting doesn’t work. You are defending botters, period.

I guess you missed the thread where I called out Blizzard’s pitiful communication over the years.

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Not a single person on this forum subscribes to your “complaining about bots means you are a botter” argument, sorry.


How do you right click report 50 mage bots that are inside a dungeon continually farming?


You’re not just complaining about bots, you’re telling people that reporting doesn’t work, constantly. You’re actively dissuading people from helping Blizzard terminate bots.

Ergo, you are HELPING botters by doing this.

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If what we see now is the result of current efforts, we’re zarked fam.

Incoming: WoW Classic: The Botting Crusade.


RGR that, and can you guys please please please kill the fly hacking wall clipping tools that ruin the game for everyone?


I know, and they banned them on retail, they’ve ignored them completely on Classic

Of course it’s not going to go away, but they’ve done nothing. Mitigating it is the aim is it not? They could’ve easily limited or cut down on it by simply banning accounts but they didn’t. As i’ve said above, bots that both I and guildies have all reported that are genuinely bots are still playing today, an account ban would’ve stopped that dead in it’s tracks, it’s really quite simple, see someone’s reported x player for cheating (a bot), check on said player that’s been reported, if it’s a bot, ban the account, simple. When they make another account and someone catches them again, they’ll be reported and banned once again, it’s really quite effective and again, simple.

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