Thank You For Your Reports

We’d prefer if they actually took action.


That’s like asking would I prefer they do nothing or make a post patting themselves on the back while continuing to do nothing.

They are the same thing.


I’d be in favor of them doing a ban wave followed by a new character creation lock on some of the biggest servers right before each content drop. At least that would help with the sudden population spikes that come with fresh content.

They could do other ban waves as well.


Why? Botting IS cheating, just a specific kind of cheating. Doesn’t need it’s own category.

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No, no you haven’t, you’ve ignored it and would’ve continued to do so if we hadn’t complained as much.

No further action has been taken on any of the bots that I or any of my guildies have reported since day one. Infact the bots i reported in the first week and have continued to report ever since, are still farming Stratholme as we speak.

Herod is a joke right now where bots are concerned, this should’ve been fixed months ago #smallindycompany i guess.


no mention of banwave, no mention of blizzard taking any action. you need some people dedicated to identifying and banning these people. If some idiot on youtube can easily do a /who and find a slew of bots, then you can too. take that activision blood money and put it to good use for once and hire people to actually address these bots.


In other news, the sky is blue and the grass is green. More news, at 9 PM.


If all reports go to the same investigative team, they should just keep it together. Furthermore, creating a separate reporting category might create confusion if players have to decide if something is cheating or botting.

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Ty Kaivax, very cool!

Hi Kaivax,

I would just like to take some time to thank you. I am in a bit of a more unique position to understand the limitations here. I understand in this situation you’re basically just the messenger.

Most of the people here are just wanting more concrete evidence that Blizzard is doing something, and that you are being effective in removing the bots. They want to see action.

Remember that the bickering and complaining is because they care, and if you fix their issue, they will sing your praises.


When was the last time there was even a ban wave? I’ve been seeing the same botting farms in retail for months. I report them every time I see them whether in BfA or Legion to MoP and they are ALWAYS in the same spots 24 hours a day.

Ya’ll aren’t banning bots because they paying stupid subs and keeping that metric up.


This is the emptiest PR ever.


Kaivax, thank you for letting everyone know that you’re listening!

Just because you don’t see instant results does not mean things aren’t being done. I do, however, believe a similar “we’ve actioned an account you’ve reported” would go a long way toward fixing your sentiment. This is done in overwatch and it helped increase the amount of reports as well as decrease the amount of distrust that’s generated.

World of Warcraft has had a very secretive action policy since the beginning and I don’t know if they are willing to change it now, but that is something we can talk about.

With that being said the replies to this thread are a clear example of why blues don’t post on the forum. Kalvax outstretched a hand and you all smack it by saying it’s not enough.

Be happy that they are trying and maybe we can have more of a dialogue.


The problem with this is that you have to target them to report. The way I tend to check if it’s a bot is to fight them and see how they react. It’s a pretty tell-tale sign that they keep fighting their target while I demolish their pet, then just stand there as they get beat on by the mob they were fighting. The only problem is if they die, they autorelease, I can’t target them anymore, so I can’t report them.

Also, the other problem is how many of them are in instances. The video of the flyhacking bot in ZG the other day is a perfect example.


Solo queue when? Premades ruining the game. I’d rather have WSG vs bots if there was an option


Finally a blue post about bots! thank you blizzard


They should do that for WoW too.


Thanks for the update. It’s good to see acknowledgement of problems like this. Hopefully this can be followed up with action. I don’t see a lot of bots on my server, but it’s a pretty bad look for the game.

Forum-goers can do their part by taking this sentiment to heart. It’s good to keep discussing these problems and to be persistent, but when our feedback enters “angry internet nerd” territory, it’s very easily ignored and dismissed.


is this an out of season april fools joke?


I appreciate the lip service, but I’ll eagerly await real action.