Thank You For a Great 2019!

Happy Winter Veil and a Happy New Year.

Here’s hoping for many more to come!

I’m really thankful for the continued development of this great game in story, art and gameplay. The game is one of the very few digital ‘landmarks’ that has seen a lot of change and still keeps going. I have a feeling a lot of folks will be returning to see it continue to thrive. Merry Christmas and Happy Winter’s Veil!

people actually tried to answer the questions?

Just spam the first option over and over until success.

WHERE :clap:
IS :clap:
PEPE :clap:

Thank you Blizzard. Even people may not be excited with past patches of BfA, I truly think everyone loves this game. Thank you for keeping this game for 15 years, and I hope my kids play this game the same way I do now. World of Warcraft has been the best game I play since late 2017, when I started. I wish I played earlier but I’m here now. Thank you Blizz, and every dev.

Happy holidays all!


Hah! That’s just awesome!!

Now while we’re on the topic boss, how about a new HK title?

These stats should have been carefully wrapped and put under the tree lol =)

Thank you for a great anniversary and the last 15 years. Happy Holidays to you all.

Kultirans, add the -Thin Kultiran -model as well!
GGs games been fun!

I’m sure your Uncle Ebenezer would be so very proud of you bringing all of this up in a post like this.

Then you folks wonder why there is little communication. You folks jump in any Blue post you find just to complain. I’m sure there are numerous posts addressing these issues by the community and posting here will NOT mean that Blizzard finally heard you.

If you guys are truly that jaded and negatively affected by the game that you attack the staff at any and every opportunity, maybe you need to unsub for awhile and enjoy the Holidays, your family or whatever thing that brings you balance and joy in life

Good Gravy


Thank you, Blizzard! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Keep on getting better!


This is why this needs to be a permanent addition!

More stats like this!
Really gets the community talking.
Although, I suppose some times about the wrong thing, right?
Its a shame if that’s what stops interesting reveals like this.

Either way, Merry Christmas to all at Blizzard and let’s make 2020 the best year yet!

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Everybody who plays this game is happy 2019 is over as it has been the worst year for WoW in a long, long time.

Hopefully Blizzard makes 2020 a better year for this game.


I imagine this is only because of how badly bugged he was the first few days when most people were doing the raids.

God I hope not. No desire to go back to hours on end of spamming LFG, classic is there for you if that’s what you want, but don’t bring that tedious crap to retail!

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Jobs should not be maintained for the sake of keeping people employed if the position isn’t necessary or is one that needs to be cut, in that case definitely cut them. Very glad to see the restructuring this year that was sorely needed, the large expansion of development resources is a great move!

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I agree with this. In the end, we all want this game to thrive, even if some are more vocal and passionate than others in their message…

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She’s doing the Light’s work dude. We need people to STAY ON TOP of all the crap Blizzard has pulled this expansion driving those who still want to play WoW to the 15 year old version of the game because the current one is balls. Blizz likes to cherry pick numbers to make it seem like everything is right on track but this expansion has done more to put the future of WoW in jeopardy than WoD!

They had Legion in their back pocket to save us from that but with the very thin(non existant?) lore behind Shadowlands I don’t see WoW in a good place a year from now. This development team has shown they are out of touch with the player base both from design and story for the entire expansion.

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Happy Holidays to everyone at Blizzard!

We may not have seen eye to eye on BFA but I hope you guys will pull something out to make WoW awesome again!