Texture flicking from last year is back with 5xx series drivers

Just installed the 511.79’s and the flicking that lasted months last year is back. Anyone else?

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So I first noticed it in the purple shrubs around the floor in the open area by Halkias in HoA. However after finishing that I have not seen it outside in the world zones or in dungeons like SoA and DoS so maybe there’s just an issue with HoA.

Yeah, I noticed it in Torghast today. Switching to dx11 fixes it. Just seems to be a flashing on the whole screen.

Hmm, well let’s hope it doesn’t take Blizzard/Nvidia 7 months to fix it again.

Just found a spot in Ardenweald doing it as well around some water areas. Had to roll back to the 497’s it was so bad.

Try switching from DX12 to DX11.

Not a solution as that disables things like the ability to use raytraced shadows. Nvidia just needs to fix their drivers. This was a bug between Blizz, Nvidia, and MS that popped up 15 months ago as well and took them almost 7 months to fix. Now it’s been brought back.

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