Temporarilly remove the instance limit in TBC

People want to farm dungeons for rep. We’re all going to have to do it. Some of us would rather do it efficiently.

What stops you from playing an alt character after the first 6 hours? Or is your intent to play only one character in TBC (or have your alts boosted?)

Seriously, who only has 1 L60 at this point, and is also affected by the 30/day/character limit?

Less of a fringe case than you think. I played for 48 hours at a time on classic launch for the first week sleeping for about 12 in between sessions. And even if it’s fringe why must I be forced to be casual.

The 30 instances per day limit is realm-wide, across all characters. So you can do max 30 total a day on all characters.

Lol if you’re a try hard you’re racing to 70 trying to get attuned. Get that prebis and start running kara as fast as we can. There’s no time to stop and level alts lol.

Huh, well TMYK. I even tried to double check on Google.

Still doesn’t help when TBC just launches, but there you have it. Maybe it’ll help later. Almost certainly a backlash from people who got locked from raiding on their main.

For one, Blizzard won’t stop you from no-lifing. Only discourage it, at this time. So you won’t be forced to be casual.

Secondly, because most companies feel like their product should not kill addicts, since the Bad PR from killing people is worse than minor annoyance of a small group of customers, a few standard deviations outside the mean, when they can’t kill themselves.

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The sentiment that anything 30 or less instances a day on the same character = casual is pretty brain cell melting.

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I’m in good health. Also, it’s not up to blizz to determine my health. I pay them to play the game and that’s it. I don’t see bad pr if someone dies playing a game. Just a moron who didn’t know their limits. And I’m not addicted to wow.

People like that won’t bother with pre-bis aside from the pieces they pick up on the way to 70 as they’re already naxx geared. They’re going to go in, stomp kara and HKM then maybe farm abit before attempting magtheridon and Gruul.

Lol people will be playing different classes. I won’t be a rogue in tbc.

It’s also not up to a comically microfraction of the playerbase to dictate to blizzard what the game should be. You pay for access, nothing more, and they are not beholden to your wants and desires.


The heart of the issue, right there.

Hurry up and wait (oh, and boost, farm mats, farm gold, gogogo push faster faster parse…raid fast gogogogogo…repeat…“launch wotlk now!!”)


Good thing you have 4 months to prep your main switch then.

They should learn from Classic and not allow Burning Crusade servers to be so damn populated.

Put a damn cap.

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My druid is 60. I don’t need naxx gear to do karazhan. Resto druid prebis is mostly crafted. I’ve been preparing for tbc since phase 4. I have an army of tailors to crank out primal mooncloth as fast as I can.

I dunno… like original server caps?? There’s a reason bloodsail doesn’t have the problems these other servers do.

It’s interesting that people get so up in arms about the 30 instance limit, but nobody ever questions the WEEK long lockout on raids. I guess because it’s been there from the beginning. It’s put there to force people to pace themselves and not blow through the content too quickly and run out of things to do, or to maybe, just maybe, encourage people to explore other parts of the game, or as you said, prevent hyper-compulsive people from killing themselves, which would be bad for PR.

Can you imagine if there was no raid lockout? People definitely WOULD kill themselves raiding if there was no lockout. They’d be like those lab mice that starve to death choosing coc@ine over food.


I agree. To me it’s like a bunch of people sitting down to a tabletop game of Dungeons & Dragons and then telling the DM they don’t want to take the time to go through the game, they just want him to set up the final scenario and let them use any means imaginable to make their characters “uber” along the way. I think the DM would be justified in kicking those “players” to the curb. Then again, these days a lot of people are probably scratching their heads asking “what’s a tabletop game and what does it have to do with cheesing my way through a mmorpg?” Maybe if they stop to think about it for a minute, it might come to them.

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