TBC S1 already ruined

The game launched with raids open first day (this is how it was during original launch but the difference now is that there are no-life’s who were ready to hit 70 first day and blast through all of the raids) yet arena doesnt open until the 14th.

Right now, it takes about 7-10 hours for a single piece of honor gear. Some speculate that honor rates are way lower than they should be but that’s a difference discussion.

On the 14th, you’ll be queueing into people who have had 3 resets of raids for gear. To make things worse, horde BG queue times are literally an hour. Making it physically impossible to grind a full pvp set even if you wanted to


its an mmorpg bro

if u dont like the grind go play something else

jk, im not srs. but some people actually say that on these forums


Eh, to say they didn’t do it back then is a stretch. You’re talking about the first xpac, of course they did it. This was all before the big-boom of mmo addiction awareness came about and the ammount of people unhealthily no-lifing was actually quiet high because lack of global awareness at the time. Now the games 16 years old and mmo’s creating problems in peoples lives is a very real and obvious thing so less people participate in such activity. Trust me, lots of no lifers back then. Just hitting 60 in vanilla was a feat itself, so anyone who was already 60 when the gates opened and reached 70 in a fast time, was probably already a highly devoted player at the time.

You’re also talking about people playing AV for 12 hours a day. The hardcore pvper at the time was very invested.

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I’m not whining about the grind I’m whining about how insanely easy it is to get raid gear and how much effort it takes to get even 1 piece of blue pvp gear and those who were able to do 3 raids of lockouts are going to have an easy time pushing rating for at least the first 3 weeks of the season


Sure is a bummer when people get big advantages early in the season from pve gear.


Big yikes indeed. Horde q times are atrocious meanwhile Alliance has instant q’s. They need to allow one sided faction transfers or else the first top 20 teams are going to be alliance simply because they have pvp gear.

Also yea, the honor is completely messed up. Right now the meta in EOTS is to just hold 1 base and cap the flag over and over regardless if you win or lose.

Can’t wait to play through TBC with my friends so I can quit again. I hate giving this company money, literally paying to beta test a game. What could have been a great rerelease ended being a buggy nightmare. A lot of class bugs, honor is scuffed, horde bg times, AH is buggy etc etc. What a joke.


I’m more worried about the fact that popular streamers are getting insane things handed to them. For example, I worked pretty hard for a few days to craft the basic form of dragonmaw while big streamers literally got the reagents handed to them right when they hit 70. Not a huge deal but definitely is discouraging to see when I put so much time in.

On top of that, many are getting thousands of gold dropped in their laps.

Nothing I or blizz can do about it, but there is not much of a way to compete with that :confused:

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It is too low, blizz listened to some idiot who reported it as a bug and they’ve yet to change it back.

Edit to make link more obv: We are winning too much honor points per BG

Tbh they really should just allow cross-faction queuing. Everybody knew that faction imbalance would be a huge problem coming into tbc.

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I agree with that too. My mage was sitting 30-45m queues last night. He was telling me there is no way he is gonna have time for much else till he grinds his honor gear out because the queues r so long.

Horde queue times are the result of sheep like most of you following big streamers around to horde side. Now you just gotta deal with it. That or transfer Alliance. :expressionless:


Do you mean to tell me that all the red flags I saw with rose colored goggles were ACTUALLY red flags and not just regular flags?!?!?


Why would that worry you? The world is full of people will inconceivable advantages, some rich oil princes are going to slap you in 3s in their carried raid gear while sitting on a diamond throne, streamers getting free loots is the least of the inequity.

Completely kills the Alliance competitively, short queues is the only recompense for having a much smaller player-pool to pick arena teams from. Offer H>A faction transfers imo, but don’t give Horde complete control over PvP.

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I already played the game 12+ years ago and have no interest in going through the grind again. Amazing what the 9.0.5 content draught is enticing people to partake in.


Kara was not cleared until a few weeks after launch in original TBC. Same with Gruuls and Mag. Look on methods site. People did all 3 in 24 hours of launch this time around.

Didn’t matter if the game had even worse versions no life’s back then, everyone was trash at the game. Nobody had strats or anything either and theorycrafting barely getting started.


So S1 of TBC is ruined because people that put in more effort than you are more prepared and have an advantage?

I’m not really understanding what the issue here is. People that put in the work deserve an advantage.


the xpac is meant to be awful for arenas what did you expect? lol

To be fair people have known PvE is mandatory to min max in tbc from the jump so not sure if it’s a valid complaint considering the chances of them changing anything is slim to none

Good good.

S1 is ruined for different reasons. It’s because they are using Retails MMR, Teams start at ZERO rating and have rating reqs on gear. Participation will be like Retail… well it will be better because I mean what can’t be better then Retail participation am I right :joy:

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why do people like you keep calling one of the worst expansions in wow history for arenas “ruined”?

every1 knew it was trash before it even got relaunched

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thats great but they suck at arena so i dont care. its completely different when snutz the god comes in with a hammer his entire stream helped him build in 3 minutes

the whole point of video games is we all start on an even playing field. thats why they are fun and attractive. its the exact reason people hated bfa pvp. there were many streamers that got carried through Mythic raiding and were handed insane trinkets that gave them even more of an advantage. prime example is Mythic Drestagath

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