TBC S1 already ruined

And this matters because…?

This is simply just not true. The whole point of a video game is to enjoy playing them.

Also, there are a lot of reason reason why bfa was trash, but a streamer getting carry was not one of them.

TBC is not only the best WoW expansion of all time but also the best PvP expansion. Just the best version of WoW. Wrath gets runner up as some bad changes happened there.

hahaha delusional u are

I made it to lvl 66 on day 2 and haven’t played since then. It actually made me want to play retail again. Plus all the exploiters and inflated gold were big deterrents for me. I didn’t even think about it at the time, but ye dragonslayers are going to be dominating every glad spot in TBC. I’ll stick with retail.

there can be multiple points to play but aight. also it isnt very fun when u have to put hours of grinding in just to get the same thing that the dude next to u got in a couple minutes

w/e u say m8. you can have ur opinion but when ur trying to scrape bottom barrel r1 and queue into people that got hand outs that give them huge advantages its not fun

I’ll go on a limb and say BC arena is the worst version of arena when it comes to balance though. It was the first try and if you really think its better then lol you just want to take advantage of the poor systems. There is a reason people said warlocks and mages carry 90% of the factors that determine a w/l. Plus warglaives was basically borrowed power in a way for only 2 classes. No talent swapping prematch, so if you’re counter-comped, you’re just screwed. Another factor of lacking the modern talent system is less classes to que with. Priest heal/lock in 2’s is bad because of fear DRs. In modern wow you swap to censure because you don’t need the extra fear and lock really benefits from a solid stun. Things like this don’t exist and generally its class with spammable cc > class without spammable CC except druid, because druid was still hit by hybrid tax at the time. So yea, lock and mage + ms class or gtfo but yea lets praise BC arena.

Basically BC arena is arena with vanilla wow remnants which has no place in esports.


Tell me you wipe standing up without actually telling me

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Agree, but the dude next to you got it from another dude who spends hours farming it to give it to their favorite streamer. Is it pathethic? Sure, but that’s their decision.

I mean I agree, since you brought up Drestagath, im going to assume youre talking about bfa s4. The season lasted for almost a year, lol. If the viewer and his whole guild agree to carry the streamer then it is what it is.

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rofl abom-posting about tbc has already begun omg

For sure it is. That’s why I’m not blaming blizzard at all. I just said it’s lame.

Again for sure. They are totally in their rights to do that. I’m not saying it should be ToS. Just sucks for players that are trying to compete against them. Prime example is nahj. Dude gets very little hand outs and has to grind out everything for himself.

Think we r on the same page tho. Totally allowed, just kinda lame :confused:

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A lot of people bought those 2 months subs only to realize they’ve been scammed tricked into yet another malfunctioning time skink until 9.1 is rdy.

Dirty blizavision, dirty.