Tazavesh hardmode 2 questions

  1. I think you need to start the dungeon over meaning you wont get loot from the first 2 bosses.

  2. I did it on Tuesday and it was bugged so I tanked it as ret and we just had 4 dps and a healer. Killed it in 25 sec. Not sure if it’s fixed or not.

are you sure i have to do an entirely fresh run? I was under the impression once you activate hardmode its just hardmode for the rest of the run and I havent reset the instance.

And going 4 dps is basically just cheezing it and ignoring the mechanics lol I’m asking if anyone can do this hardmode boss while actually doing the mechanics or do you just have to overgear to the point the gear drops dont matter anymore.

I have heard that if it bugs, your entire party can log out and that should fix the bug. Quad DPS brute force seems to be the best answer, however.

I saw a hotfix yesterday that said the extra action button wouldn’t disappear when you pick up instruments but I don’t know about the mailroom bug it never bugged when I picked up a bomb.

I guess i’ll just try and make a group that can brute force it and ignore the bombs.

Good luck. Probably gonna be what me and my friends do later tonight.

I just went back inside by myself and the leftover trash from the first hardmode boss is gone and the big guy is back on the bridge.

I still have the hardmode quest and it still has the speak to the npc at the start complete… I wish I could just check easily if it’s still hard mode in my instance.

Mailman boss is easy if you just have one member who’s closest to open mail slot be the catcher, while one is always the person to pick up a package, and the rest just act as a bridge between the two.

Like, literally once you figure out you can just hot potato the bombs it’s ez.

True, but when we were doing it on Tuesday it wasn’t working. Bombs would be tossed and become non intractable objects on the ground by the person they were passed to. If it works properly, its not bad. But, thats a big if.

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Yeah we had it bug a few times to, but if you can make it pass the first wave of bombs, you win, since you can basically ignore the last set with competent dps.

Just need the first set not to bug and it’s gg.

Can also eat a bomb going off with defenses, so if one package bugs, do the rest and use personals to eat the bugged one

bombs just instantly explode when they hit the ground on hard mode if you dont catch them from another player or throw them into lava are you talking about normal mode?

I did not remember that last night but it was getting pretty late so maybe I was just tired. If someone can actually control the chutes and make it lava then I could totally see us getting that boss down no problem I thought it was all just really lame rng.

Nope. Its a bug in hard mode. Any number of things can make the bombs non interactable.

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We just had the group spread after the coin soak, and whoever happened to be closest to the activated became the catcher. But we always had a single person be the one gathering the bombs to prevent overlaps. Made things much easier that way

oh so you can’t control the chutes that really sucks. I was holding a bomb staring at chute with just wind blowing upwards for 20 seconds and i threw it into the windy chute at the last second and it blew up anyway so it seems like just really lame rng to me.

The only RNG is if the bombs bug out on the floor or not.

There’s an issue where bombs when they spawn can become unable to be picked up, or can be dropped by the player somehow below them and unable to be picked up afterwards.

Kinda sucks, but again, if the first bomb wave doesn’t have a bugged bomb, then it’s gg

Hello. Yes. That is how it’s intended to work. Tazavesh Hard Mode must be completed in one full run. Once the instance has been soft reset, hard mode will no longer be active, and will have to be re-initialized from the beginning.

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I have.

It’s a shame it is so buggy because it actually feels really, really good when you get a chain of people tossing mail to each other. The fight, when it works and isn’t brute forced, feels really fun.

Too bad once M+ opens fully next week, most people won’t care to keep doing Tazavesh runs. This week was really the only week that mattered for Tazavesh and Blizzard simply bungled it. It’s such a shame. I still think the dungeon is wonderful, but a lot of people just never tried to press through the bugs and either gave up or went for the burn strat and that’s so unfortunate.

My group tried a few times to do the mail boss normally but we ended up just zerging it. DPS pots, bloodlust, ignore all mechanics and just burn. Our healer even went DPS

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We did the same thing. Only other roadblock for us was the divide boss. Had a couple bad luck pulls with no path to kick the triple interrupt.

lol i didn’t think this post would end up being a wowhead article source.

well it’s good to know I’ll have to do it all in one run I guess.

Kinda missed the second question there…