Tanks Need To Tank In PvP

Since you can’t “hold aggro” in PvP, the tank 50% damage taken penalty should assist their team by reducing their teammates damage taken by 50% until the tank is killed.

This will return “tanks” to being tanks/focus targets like they are in PvE.

Either that or taunt should work like shadowy duel and after taunting a player they can only damage the tank for 8 seconds.


sometimes i like to look at the title of the thread and guess who the author is. i got this one right


Doesn’t make it any less valid!

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ur a dweeb

on the note of tanks

they should take 1000000% increased damage so i can orbital strike the monkeys with a frostshock and never see another one zone into my game again


Better option is to just disable tanks in PvP. They disabled double healer, why not tanks as well?


I love watching my friends zug with summer, i wish i would’ve tried prot sooner, granted it’ll never be ret. It’s nice because it gives me another spec to play, i get all flavors of palla.

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I kind of like this idea. Wouldn’t it mean that tanks in capture the flag wouldn’t be the fair carriers though? Be smarter to have a feral Druid fc and then have like a blood dk just to stand next to him.

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Disable Arena. Honestly Arena is outdated and holding PvP back in this game. I often think about how much better PvP could of been if Arena never happened.

PvP should be designed for objective based maps where the 3 Class roles are utilized.


I think that the majority of people would prefer to see tanks further nerfed or outright disabled in PvP.


Great post OP, i agree they need to do more for tankers. Maybe just buff damage slightly.

They already disabled double tank too tho

This change would effectively remove Supatease from wow.

So Im in favor of it

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Every time you come back to the game the Arena forum becomes miserable again.


Because removing tanks would remove RMP

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Add guard like in swtor so you have to guard swap on people getting focused. Maybe that used to be a thing in wow idk i never played when the pvp was good, I only know shadowlands gear carry combat.

You’re just absolutely clueless.
Tanks need pruned from arenas.
In rbgs they’re fine.

Some Arena players are resistant to education and how PvP/game design needs to work. However The Abomb will fight The Good Fight and help as many Arena players as needed understand how Tank life is the foundation of ALL great PvP in MMORPGs.

Maybe some day we can renovate the dead Arena and create some interesting objective maps where Tank/Healer/Dps can compete in a better format.

You have no clue about arenas. You don’t arena.
Go back to the rock you climbed back out from under.


In your opinion what MMO has great PvP?

Arena is far from dead. 150~ R1 slots last season means 150k active characters in the 3s bracket. 2v2 generally has 3-4 times more participation then 3s, which means somewhere between 450-600k active players in that bracket.

The last preliminary numbers I remember seeing put monthly active subs to WoW at just under 1 mil. That’s roughly 50% player participation in arenas, which I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s about as high as heroic/mythic raiding or M+ participation.