Tank nerfs = less fun

oh yeah good point, blizz has historically been really good about acting quickly to address tuning issues with specs and has always made targeted, intelligent changes that show an understanding of the specs they’re tuning

:roll_eyes: just in case the sarcasm wasn’t clear

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Tanks think if they exaggerate the seriousness of the 10% nerf that we won’t notice that they also need massive nerfs to their self sustain.

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I have self-sustain?


could you folks please stop saying “tanks” when you mean “some tanks”?

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yes, i just got back from a wm, an saw everyone killin each other over ducks.

This is not a compelling argument. This is cope.

It’s both. If it was a pvp change, that would be explicitly stated. Also, the warr change has the footnote “pvp is unaffected”.
You are fake news.

The changes are a step backwards from where WoW needs to be, and I blame no one for dropping tanking between satchels being nurfed and up to today. But these changes aren’t earth shattering, just out of touch and in poor taste. #modernblizz

Brewmaster is the only tank that is even close to being balanced. Everyone else needs to be brought down, not the reverse.

So you quit after reading nerfs? Not even waiting to try them out?

“I can’t win the argument… Quick! Use an exaggerated logical fallacy! That always works.”

I didn’t read them all but I know the DHs ones are mostly survivability nerfs, which aren’t really that bad. I don’t know about the rest…

Which logical fallacy is that?

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The hasty generalization fallacy, also known as the over-generalization fallacy.

Thats not really accurate here is it?

We have over a decade and numerous similar examples to pull from.

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Yes, yes it is accurate here.

Word has it that armchair therapists are a dime a dozen after only one psychology class freshmen year.

Blizz gave their reasoning, and their reasoning is terrible. Given how poorly they have balanced things in the past I think their opinion is no more valuable than whatever garbage consensus comes up in GD.

Just means you’re a bad tank and groups are better off without you anyways.

Unless you were playing Brewmaster you really have nothing to complain about. Most tanks were (and probably will remain) overtuned and a 10% reduction won’t be that big of a deal.