Tank nerfs = less fun

At this point I’m just gonna start queueing as DPS and playing an actual fun game during the wait time alt tabbed. I had just started tanking for the first time and really loving it, after reading this nerfs it doesn’t look like I’ll stick to it.


Get 10 more ilvls and it will be the same. Since you just started tanking and you were loving it, no reason to stop. If you’re just starting out, your ilvl has room to grow, and if it grows 10 ilvls then it’s like the nerf didn’t happen.


It’s a pvp nerf. Not pve.


I guess some players really want a power fantasy game where they automatically win any encounter… like a bad shonen anime.


This is exactly the kind of player we don’t want playing a tank. Requeue as DPS, it’s fine and intended.


If you need to be overpowered in order to enjoy playing then stick to single player games. This is an MMORPG where everyone in the group is suppose to have fun.


If a ~10% nerf convinced you not to tank, you were probably going to be a terrible tank to begin with.


Honestly, going into 0s in greens as a tank they all felt way too easy. Easier than BFA and SL by a mile. However with the higher keystone scaling above 10s I feel like these nerfs are a poor choice.

Especially for Brewmaster… they feel bad already, now they are gonna get absolutely destroyed by magic damage now.

oh no…tanks cant solo 14 people anymore! whatever shall we do???


Yeah not all tanks were overpowered like demon hunter or druid. But I guess thoughtless witty comments from the general discussion keyboard warriors glossed over that fact. Yet all tanks received 10%-20% nerfs.

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Good you’re tge exact kinda player who shouldn’t be tanking :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

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Just as you glossed over the fact each tanking specialization as well as their abilities can be re-tuned if necessary. ¯ \ _ ( ツ ) _ / ¯

Yet they weren’t retuned appropriately in the first place.

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You are more than welcome to your opinion.

You just said you love tanking?

You don’t dump your spec just cus it get’s nerfed a lil bit.

Honestly tho, you act like a DPS and that should be your thing, you need to have a good head on your shoulders with some confidence, which you seemingly lack here.

How did they nerf tanks into the ground but didnt notice how OP warlocks and Shadow priests are right now in pvp?


that’s all it took? 10% extra damage? wow. well enjoy the DPS side, if 10% extra damage is the deal breaker for your skill cap, definitely shouldn’t be tanking.

Yeah, I’m pretty much done with queues anyways. Once M+ starts I’ll be tanking for my private group. No reason to open queue or join random groups. If I need to rely on a random healer to keep up with me then there’s no point.

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Tanking in BG shouldnt be a thing. Tanks that do PvP are scum to me very annoying to go up against. Also every decent tank player can for sure 1v1 everything. But lately there was these druid that is a giant a$$ sponge with thorns on them you dont get killed by the bear focusing you, you die by thorns for trying to kill the damn thing.

Those were my feelings too. I hate having to rely on a pug healer as a tank.