Tank LF AOTC Normal/Heroic Guild

Hey there!

Before continuing into this post, I am looking for a main tank spot in a raid group. I am not interested in dps’ing with a chance to off tank occasionally. Thank you in advance.

I am currently looking for a guild to progress with moving into Dragonflight. Your guild would ideally be laid back, fun, and able to focus long enough to kill a boss or two. I am looking for an AOTC type of guild that may dabble into mythic raids, but that is by no means a requirement. Heroics are.

Will be tanking on a Protection Warrior. I know how to come prepared with both consumables and raid boss knowledge. Previous experience in top 100 type guilds, but getting older and am more focused on fun over anything else. A fun group goes a long way with me.

Thank you and hope to hear from you,

Battle Net- TheHammer#1904
Discord - Vandro#5790