Take this as a fact: Activision intentionally made Classic worse than what it should have been

They are a weird company, why was PvP in retail neglected ? I quit retail and went to classic because of this, theres MAYBE 5,000 active arena battle for azeroth (retail) players, im sure theres more who play classic at this point.
woudnt be surprised if the number of gladiators and duelists above 2,000 rated at this point is <2,500 people.

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Not true at all, as we don’t know the start up cost or maintenance cost of up keeping 2 games for the exact same sub fee. If this was all just a ploy to bring back some of old sub base bore then to death with slow content drip, so they eventually try retail. You could see classic as an investment in retail.

It doesn’t reallly matter what we all think, in 5 years will know. You keep saying what you think like its non-fiction is the problem. My speculation of thee companies motive is all just that, trusting corporations to do whats right by investors and only investors, would negate the reason for CEO bonuses , as that does sweet F all for investors, yet they all still happen.

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That depends on what the bonuses are based on. It would be surprising if they aren’t based on hitting targets that very well do increase the value of investor holdings.

You should try replying to everything a person types to you, rather then dying on hill that all hinges more things you think are true.

Considering bonuses are being paid out for the 2nd time during the seconds largest recession we have seen in 100 years.

I’m not dying on a hill. What are you even talking about?

What is it specifically that you are calling:


It would be surprising if they aren’t based on hitting targets that very well do increase the value of investor holdings.

You have no idea if this is true or not, you just think it could be to justify the ideal.

If I invest in a company an that company does well, what do you think I want said company to do? Put a % of the profits into the existing model an expand /or/ R&D, or give a % to the CEO?

Which ones do you think pays off in the end?

Have you noted my phrasing?

Does this seem to you to suggest that I am claiming this to be the case? Because to me, it suggests that I would be surprised if it wasn’t the case.

That isn’t intended to suggest that I have information or evidence that you do not. If you do have some, go ahead and surprise me.

I am not sure what it is you think we are discussing here, but all that I’m saying is that a claim that Activision Blizzard is purposely trying to make WoW Classic fail seems to me to be ridiculous.

Is it possible that the company was hoping people who came back for WoW Classic would also try Retail, and enjoy it? And spend money on store mounts, character boosts, tokens, etc.? Sure. Absolutely.

Some speculation from me here would be that it appears that WoW Classic was and is much more popular than anticipated. I say this because there were several servers added after name reservations. And then even more at launch.

There also have been queues on some of the larger servers at peak times and esp. during new content release. With the current state of quarantines, that seems to have further increased the popularity.

That all adds up to WoW Classic having been and being and overwhelming success.

However, having said that it is interesting that some of the shareholders are calling for a reduction in compensation for Activision Blizzard’s CEO.

ref: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/activision-ceo-s-us-30-million-pay-opposed-by-pro-labor-investor-1.1445725

They took a sub, that was paying for 1 game. Didn’t up the price, fought back aganst the common sense idea to release this cash cow for years, are mismanaging the cash cow on a player/investor front.

Paid transfer were late
No cash shop* potentially because of back-lash
Paid faction transfers
Paid race changes
Wow Tokens

All of those could be added tomorrow an would easily pay for the loss of#nochanges people. Who would be back as soon as AQ dropped.

That all adds up to WoW Classic having been and being and overwhelming success.

One that people for 10+ years people have been asking for, one that had issues launching, lost player base from Phase 2, one that is still bleeding subs every month there isnt a content drop.

Nothing the company hasnt been literally forced to do, has made them money. If the investors want someone to give a bonus to, were all playing the game an would love a cut.

I mean I don’t disagree that adding some of those things would likely result in more profit for the company, though I personally would sure not wish to see them added to Classic.

I have wondered why they went with a single subscription model, and perhaps it is to encourage people who are only interested in playing Classic to try Retail, in hopes they will enjoy it.

I have also wondered why they didn’t charge a buy-in fee for Classic. I wonder if there would have been potential legal issues if people had already purchased Vanilla WoW originally. Though, IIRC, I was given game CDs for Free at a shopping mall, during Beta. Perhaps there will be a fee for BC Classic.

I think we are looking at the same info with somewhat different mindsets and worldviews, but yeah… I don’t think we particularly disagree.

Your OPINION is noted.
Now stop whining.

Even if true those chocolate chip retails taste like dirt, and no amount of advertising will fix it.

Meanwhile a half hearted not original recipe is way more enjoyable and the food fights are way more fun and balanced.

I would agree to that in some ways. Its just hard for me to see such a blatent easy revenue stream so brutalized.

When I load up the only reason I play wow currently, what do I see in the launcher? Sweet F all about classic wow 90% of the time, there is so much community desperation for contact with the company, and they just keep kicking that can down the road.

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I suspect that if they do add in such things, they would do so after all content has been released, and people had a chance to experience the game without them.

You said that paid transfers came late, which is interesting (and maybe accurate, if we had access to sub data), but for me, I thought they came way too early, and would personally have preferred if they had never come.

I see transfers now as something that detracts from character (and server) identity.

Why does every conspiracy start with someone demanding that I accept their bs as “FACT”

This is quite often how the flat earth videos start on YouTube.

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If they hadn’t opened up PVP past a small battle group I would agree, but being out in the world is so little of the game at 60 it doesnt really effect me personally. If was an RP’er or world PVP’er I assume I would think other wise.

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It seems like when Ion came in he decided to focus on raiding and nothing else. PvP was probably tossed to the side because the team didn’t want to have to balance around both aspects of the game.

Good one boss, you’ve cracked the code

This is one of my biggest qualms with Blizzard. WSG wargames were recently enabled - they told no one, and only addressed it in a forum post after it was discovered.

Around the same time, WSG in retail added a feature and it was front page on the launcher.

Also, why did they ever split the battle groups? Time zone? The real answer is still unknown to me. Either way, this chocolate cake is way to salty.

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I’m sorry you’re not enjoying Classic more, OP.

That said, your latest post puzzles me a lot. You’re saying Blizzard was wrong to not advertise that there’s a way to have wargames in Classic–inarguably something added that was never in the original game? How does that go with your “they added salt to sabotage it” argument?

they want ppl on retail cause most of the money is from the shop.