[System] Support Updates Needed

Hello there,

we know that Blizzard Entertainment and its staff are running their ship how they can but we also see more tasks diverted, or even boiled so far down that we cannot find our way through it.

In this case, ‘Support’. We cannot change that we get automated replies, that is sadly the future but there are a big need of additional tags to make it easier for people to actually ask for help.

There are no section directly where people can make a custom request for help if they have no options to pick from - unless you cheese it and use the Items & Mail section, and use ‘Not Listed Here’ but then you are using a gap that shouldn’t be hidden away.

As well, there are a whole section missing for Guild and Community support as well for things like Guild Naming support, as some guild names are now appearing as taken even though they do not exist.


Hello Community Council!

We see this sort of question from time to time on the Customer Support forums. There have been multiple versions of the support website and ticket creation systems over the years. The current site is designed to surface information to players before they open a ticket, so that they can understand a policy or can get confirmation about an active bug. This sort of proactive information may make a ticket unnecessary, and players can get back to playing.

For the specific use case you mentioned about a Guild Name:

some guild names are now appearing as taken even though they do not exist.

We are not aware of any issues with guild names being unavailable when they otherwise should be. If you cannot use a name, it means someone else has already claimed it or the name contains restricted language. This is true for both characters and guilds. It looks like the Game Master who answered your ticket was able to confirm for you that the guild name is already in use and the support team has been able to make the name available to you because the entire guild was inactive.

But we can use this as an example of how one might navigate the support site to find an answer.

Scenario 1:
If I go to the support website homepage, the first thing I see is a search bar at the top of the page. I can use language similar to what was used in the ticket you submitted to search “I cannot use a guild name I want” and I will be taken to a page with some suggested articles (examples in English). There are a few different articles relating to guild names but one I see that stands out is “Release an Inactive Guild Name”. This article contains a link straight to a ticket creation form where you can request an exception to free up a guild name from a guild that is no longer active.

Scenario 2:
Alternatively, if I go to the Contact Support page and select World of Warcraft I am presented with a “Tell us about the issue” box. This is one of the more recent additions to the support site and will help categorize your ticket based on the description you provide. If I provide the same text from above (“I cannot use a guild name I want”) and hit Continue then the first article I am presented with is “Release an Inactive Guild Name”. These articles are presented, in part, because other players have asked comparable questions in the past and our support team was able to associate their request with this information. Ideally, one would see this recommendation and follow the link in the article to open a ticket. If you skip these recommendations and click on the I still need help, you can manually categorize your ticket.

At this point, you are right that we don’t have a Guilds and Communities category, but that decision was made because we’re mostly hands off with managing those social systems. The “Not Listed Here” categories are intended to fill the gap in specificity while still allowing players to be presented with information about their issue proactively in case it answers their question.

Our knowledge base has lots of articles like the “Release Inactive Guild Name” one which are intended to get you the information you need or point you in the direction you need to go. I would encourage you all to search for some key phrases of the ticket you are trying to create and see if you find something to address your topic first.

Finally, as I mentioned before, there have been multiple versions of these systems. We are not done! There are millions of players in the Blizzard community across all our games, and we want to make sure the support we offer them is easy to access, accurate, and timely. We will continue to evolve our knowledge base and support website as we review feedback, study trends in the customer service industry, and invest in new technologies.

Thanks for providing an opportunity to elaborate on our support philosophy with you all.


Thank you for the reply.

But my thought is that it needs reviewed so that we can get a “Not Listed” option more visible as well, instead of hiding it under items and mail, as it is misleading.


Or another possible solution is to add the “Not listed” option to all the support options.

And possibly, should such an eventuality exist maybe a generic “Issue not listed here” option that is not beneath a subject matter (E.G. Items and Mail Section), but I can see this one being used more extensively than people clicking thru the other options first to possibly narrow down the issue for the support team.


I do have to agree that the current ticket system feels complicated. It does send the customer to a third party website for research (???) instead of trying to resolve the issue withing Blizzard’s support.
Also in many cases the options feel rather outdated and not inclusive. The not listed option should be in every case and being able to get help when you know 100% that you cannot resolve the issue on your own would be great without having to go through wowhead which we already do without blizzard support system anyway.

I will also share some of my “recent” experience with it.
Our guild had an issue with the vault not showing logs. The logs were stuck almost two years ago and I did create a few tickets about it. For every ticket I had to take a route that wasn’t the proper one to end to the not listed option.

Now for the actual support the bug was known and they did reset the guild log they told me which made the log work for a day or two and then it was stuck again for another 8-10 months.
The latest ticket they did tell me the bug was still there and there is still no solution so I did suggest to the GM to make another reset to the guild just in case, which he did following my suggestion and since then the log is fine.

I am just sharing this here to point out that there is more than one issues with the support system and you need to pay attention to them. A customer like me, which is not a customer anymore but a friend, will be patient. A new one will not be. People need everyone served nowdays. Demands are high.

Thanks for reading!