Sync queue premades need to be abolished

Let the “communities” die or migrate to rated play.

The issue is a snowball effect of pug players with the cant beat them join them mentality. Its ballooned to the point of comedic levels. Literally every single game has some kind of premade in it.

5 players is supposed to be the cap. Why are these people allowed to exploit the system and sync queue?

If they wanted 40 people to join an epic together they would let a group of 40 group queue rather than the 5 player limit.

Part of the random/pug experience is that is inherently random. No one is necessarily leading the group. That goes for both teams.

Both teams are supposed to have inexperienced players. Both teams are supposed to be in an assortment of gear. Both teams are supposed to have differing views to strategy. It all is supposed to even out.

Having coordination, experience, and gear is causing lopsided unfun games.

If you want seemless coordination, adequate gearing, amazing healers, etc. Play rated. Get out of randoms


How about No in all seriousness tho we do need cross faction BGS


cross faction sucks i kill gnomes


imagine wanting everything to be solo and random because you wont make friends in wow.


foxlover551, orc warrior

Hey pal wanna tell me what the red error text says when you queue as a group of 6 or more?


Sounds like want a hard line separating solo from premade. I don’t see how that makes everything solo.

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You will still be able to kill gnomes dw

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no clue im usually solo queing

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Friends in Warcraft are overrated - and it’s about time Blizzard moves into the solo queue era. I’ve been playing since the release of Wrath - and I still have 0 people on my friends list.

I’ve never been happier in a game.


So what happens when a few groups of 5man that dont know each other get in a match and follow raid lead calls and work together? Why do they assign raid lead if there shouldnt be one? Even pug vs pug matches can end up lopsided from what Ive seen

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Oh plz that’s so obviously never happens y’all q sync together . There’s no 5 man premade in history that magically gets into the same bg and doesn’t know each other. Plzzzzzzzz :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I know t’s April fools but geezuz .


Sometimes I get in with a 3-5 man grp and we lead pugs. Great practice and can be very rewarding. It would be a lot of fun if more people grouped up and pushed objectives together. More people should lead when given raid lead and more people should listen to calls. Sure we have losses against partials or premades but sometimes we win. Losses help you get better most times. Just roll to the next one. Ultimately Id say the pugs have to make that choice to pvp together or not. Ive been in plenty of pug vs pug matches that are lopsided. Mainly due to matchmaking putting too many or not enough heals. Sometimes the damage just is not there on one team. Its going to happen regardless unfortunately.


Ill say that I do run with sync premades as well. To be honest. Id rather explore both sides of the coin before making any judgment on whats right or whats wrong. However to each their own. Play however you like. Just stating that there is no clean cut solution at the moment. Cross faction would be the closest in my opinion.

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Most of us see sync queuing as exploiting given previous Blizzard statements. Even if Blizzard announced it’s intentional, which if it were they almost certainly would have already said so, I wouldn’t participate as I think it’s destructive for the PvP population.


Valid opinion and can not blame you for doing what you feel is right. A more updated premade game mode would be great if possible. The demand is there. Just unavailable and wargames come with a lot of baggage apparently. Some can argue that if no one was in a premade there would be no problems but other could say if everyone was in premades and it was all premade vs premade that there would be no problems. I would say even if we had a perfect system some would still find ways to say that there are problems. lol

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If everyone was in a community then one community would dominate which would run off the rest, there’s no happy ending there. I would like to see the communities persist but not playing organized against pugs (unless there’s some kind of reward for the pug).

That is a cool idea as far as rewards. Im a sucker for some cool rewards.

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What I imagine is they’d do cross faction and have the opportunity to queue up to 40 but I think it will fall back to 10 so no one community dominates. Cross faction so they can keep teams even with the same number of healers, maybe combine 10 and 5 man queues. Maybe only use solo queuers if they accept being placed with the teams and give some some CQ reward if they stay. There’s also an option for role bonus, maybe, if one team needs more healers. Raid leaders would mark themselves as such, maybe they can do something like healers in RSS where they have a separate ladder.

At least that’s the best I can come up with as an outsider to the communities. EDIT: Once they convert things where you can legitimately queue larger groups they can make specific rewards like titles.

Very cool ideas that would be great to explore. Being able to separate the casuals from the not so casuals in epics would be great. Cross faction epics have some promise if the Devs can get us a workable variation in the future. I like the bonus reward for Qing for needed roles or spot filler. Anything to help pugs take epics more serious and try to play the mode instead of zug fest would be a bonus for everyone.

Solo que Epics for people that want real epic randoms. We already have solo rated, lets get solo randoms.

Group Ques for the “cant do Epics without an army of heals” guys. Let the organized groups go fight each other.

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