Sylvanas end goal is Arthas

Sylvanas died because of Arthas and her revenge was taken from her when the heroes killed Arthas on top of ICC. She jumped of ICC just to be confronted with Arthas yet again in the maw.

Sylvanas her entire end goal is to get a 1 on 1 again with Arthas.

Think about it. Arthas is in the maw and we know due to something every other soul is being fed to the maw as well.

We had no clue no one did but Sylvanas knew this gets close to the jailer in order to draw attention to this by us.

She opens a portal to the shadowlands by putting Bolvar in his place. And now we outsiders are free to travel to the Shadowlands too. Bare in mind we are still oblivious to all what happened there but Sylvanas leads us there with these super obvious bread crums.

If she actually had any intentions to gain more and more power by feeding souls to the Maw she wouldve let the link between here and the Shadowlands closed.

Now we go to the Shadowlands break the curse thats been sending everyone into the Maw. Including all the Night Elves from burning the tree. (If following her plan to “stop” her wasnt enough motivation for you).

Now I hear you scream but Sylvanas would never do such a 4d chess play just to help anyone.

Now here comes in the Arthas part she would finally have her moment to face Arthas once the seal around the maw is broken and we can all enter that realm.

Honest past this point everything could be up for more speculation maybe it was a 4d chess play from the Arbiter to get Sylvanas who could operate in the land of the living to get us there and “fix” things but who knows.


I’m not reading all of that, but no it’s not. Her goal is to never die, and to never be controlled.


All she wants to do is…wait for it…wait for it…BREAK FREE FROM THE CHAINS!!!

No Journey fans? No? I’ll see myself out.



She committed genocide just for that?

Her head is still coming off her body, I promise you.


I lol’d irl :slight_smile:

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What is she going to do once she finds him? Kill him?

A lot of trouble to go through just to get at somebody that’s already dead.


I think she just wants to see Arthas’ Frostmourne.

No, the other Frostmourne.


Hell I wouldn’t mind seeing the other one

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Someone else said it here not long ago and I thought it was insightful. She is stuck. Our world is literally a prison for her. If she dies, a horrible fate awaits her, but she has nothing to live for other than survival. And she has to keep that up for how long?

We’ll learn more about what her true motivations are, but it’s either she wants to tear the whole thing down, or she wants to remove herself from the cycle, or change her fate somehow. Something more than just spending the rest of eternity avoiding final death.

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If she did all that for this goal then her character is more pityful than I thought.

killing alliance is not a “genocide” thing. It’s just the right thing to do.


She wants to tear the whole thing down. From the epilogue of Shadows Rising;

“The unjust ladder of their lives must be dismantled, not rung by rung, but all at once. All of it. She had been the plaything of a self-righteous cosmos long enough. The Jailer, too, understood what must be done.”


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I hope she does meet Arthas and Arthas gets his redemption arc saving the universe from Sylvanas - putting her to rest into her eternal sleep


She killed her own soldiers as well in a pointless war… and subjected THEM to a afterlife of pure torture as well KNOWING everyone who died during Legion and past that went to the maw, still think it was the “right thing to do”? Consider how many Orcs died just from Malfurion’s wisp wall… that many Horde soldiers are now in the Maw MINIMUM.

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The strange thing is, couldn’t Sylvanas have technically been salvaged?

Certainly it wasn’t her actions in life that led her to being damned to the Maw. Her actions in undeath would’ve been the decider on that point, meaning the actions and choices of the undead can affect the destination of their souls. If she understood the machine of death well enough, then she should’ve known exactly how to avoid going to the Maw. At worse she’d spend a while in Revendreth being rehabilitated before reuniting with her little brother and other members of her family, I imagine.

Sylvanas literally says in Shadows Rising that she’s “Done being the slave of a self-righteous cosmos”

She’s doing this to break the cycle of life and death and make it so she and nobody else will be slaves to an afterlife or trapped in one they didn’t choose. What she doesn’t know, is that by doing that she’ll literally destroy Reality and thus, everything we know.


They’ll have a confrontation but I don’t know if it was he main goal

Reading this I just realized. We could have a massive raid with past dead villains, like Arthas, Gul’dan, Kul Thuzzad, etc. Working towards the jailer at the end.

Garrosh 2.0 :rofl: