Sylvanas canonically bisexual now nice

I don’t have any proof of this but it sounds cool


About time. I ship the windrunner sisters as having a relationship pre 3rd war of course.

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It seems most threads posted lately have an OP with the same logic - except they lie and pretend their fanfiction has a lore basis.

Idk. I think it diminishes her.

I like that Sylvanas has a “boy crazy” aspect to her. She wants Nasty Natty Nate. She came back for him after she fell, and she sought him out.

As cool as she likes to act, she has feelings for a dude.

Tyrande’s taunts fall flat - except when she broaches the subject of Nathanos. That is when she cuts to the quick, and Sylvanas is proven ignorant.


I love that you also ship them. I get enough of lesbian Sylvanas on Tumblr (not that I mind that in the slightest.)

You don’t get to see, in media, a woman doing all this stuff for a guy. She cleared the Plaugelands for him, how romantic is that?!

He’s her one weakness and I like that. I think media needs to show more of that because usually it’s the other way around.


Technically, Sylvanas could be bisexual for all we know. That she has had an interest in Nathanos does not preclude her from finding women attractive. We’ve just never known her to be attracted to a woman before, and I can’t imagine undeath does much for the libido, so I doubt we ever will.

That said I do find it refreshing how Sylvanas and Alleria both have this one thing in common, they they love their significant other to the point that it is their one weakness in what appears to otherwise be a cold, brutal facade. We know if Turalyon and/or Arator ever die, Alleria is going to lose her battle with the Whispers and fall to the Void. Seeing Sylvanas have that same moment of pause upon learning Nathanos had died and she never knew, feels like a bit of the same thing.

As dumb as the whole, “I will never serve,” thing is, I think it is an interesting idea that part of Sylvanas’ motivation to turn against the jailer would include Nathanos’ fate remaining hidden from her.


Sylvanas and Nathanos have the most messed-up relationship in WoW and you guys aren’t taking that from me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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they will have to pry this ship from my cold dead hands. forget Roux’s Shadows Rising Epilogue and it’s actually the least messed up relationship in WoW. Most messed up clearly goes to Alleria and Turalyon with the whole ‘we can’t touch or we will both explode’ situation.

They do it just fine in Shadow’s Rising though.

From what I remember, one of the first chapters with them in Shadows Rising they say they cannot touch, or it feels like they are being burned. The nature of Light and Void are so chaotic when put together. I may be wrong though, I just thought that’s how it was.

She is unable to touch him only while in her Void form. As a High Elf, she is fine.


This is what the chapters in Arathi say.


We just need to ascertain what causes her to slip into voidform because that could be awkward if they’re having a moment and then suddenly…

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She can control it.

So it would seem, thus far. But to a certain extent its influence is still being made known. I mean she nearly corrupted the sunwell by simply walking up to it, in high elf form.

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Perhaps it’s because there’s more Light energy in the Sunwell than in Turalyon, which makes the Sunwell more vulnerable? I’m just guessing here.

Sylvanas is an animate corpse, regardless of how well-preserved her body is. This in and of itself is FAR MORE than enough for me to NOT CARE about her sexuality.

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Never stops fantasy fans, I mean have you ever seen the mods for Serana the Vampire in Skyrim? lmao

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So mysterious! Did he insult my beard? Did he suggest a prompt invasion of the constituent country of Scotland? Did he ask for three barbers to tap dance while simultaneously jumping on pogo sticks? We may never know.


Diminishes? That’s a rather stange take.

Sylvanas boy crazy? What? She is not really a fame fatal.
Her story with Nathanos was in my vie diminishing her. She, like all her sisters needed to be a trophy for a human. Why did every Windrunner need a human? Not one choose an Elf. It’s so silly.

Aside from that: Thread idea is boring and with no substance.

Well, one of the common threads with the Windrunner siblings is that they all in one way or another (or more than one) broke from tradition. From Alleria opposing the Council of Silvermoon’s conduct early in the Second War to the point of basically chucking a troll head in their faces to make them see the threat they stubbornly refused to believe was real, to Sylvanas training an outsider to be a Ranger, to Vereesa remaining staunchly Alliance when Silvermoon’s government joined the Horde and exiled anyone who disagreed with the decision.

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