Sylvanas canonically bisexual now nice

Breaking tradition and becoming the eye candy of some human for the fetish of some writers are rather different.
It’s so silly.

Even Sylvanas breaking of tradition seemed fully centered around that one thing and nothing else.

It’s insultingly bad “story telling”.

How is Sylvanas a “trophy” or “eye candy” for Nathanos when she’s been his superior the entire time they’ve known each other? She’s never changed to be what he wanted; he changed to suit her demands.

He’s her trophy. He’s the ranger she personally trained and groomed to be her second-in-command, showing everyone she was such a skilled ranger herself that she could take even an outsider and turn him into a better ranger than most of the other Farstriders.


That would be true, if she wouldn’t be the 3th sister with a human boy toy. It’s rather silly that all sisters would get it on with a completely different species. I really don’t know how this is in any question.
Of course Sylvanas was her own character until BfA. However all Windrunner sisters choose a human partner. It’s very clear that’s only because of some writers fetishes.

I get it, petite female and strong hulk are a thing. Human x elf is a old trope. But going that way with every sister is let’s just say very strange.

That’s also rather unbelievable. A human becoming more skilled than rangers that saw the Troll wars… or any other conflict. Surpassing hundreds or thousands of years. It’s a bad trope and reeks of self insert.

If it turns out that Nathanos always perceived himself as a woman, will it be a retcon? A useless clarification? M … Who is a character who loves a character of the opposite sex who identifies (?) Himself as the owner of the “first” sex.

Awful wording.
Is a woman considered unconventional if she loves a man who considers himself a woman?

While I agree with you that the origins of Alleria and Vereesa’s romances were Knaak just rewarding his human heroes with hot elf arm candy. Both relationships grew more depth in Golden’s hands, she added the female gaze aspect.

The ‘bad storytelling’ is just a cliché criticism. It’s repetitive, but not bad storytelling. Each relationship is unique.

I personally like that Sylvanas was also showing the xenophobic high elves that humans were just as capable as the Farstriders and that makes me ship this pairing even more. Nathanos wasn’t a “trophy” he was a giant middle finger to isolationists within the Convocation of Silvermoon as seen in the Quel’thalas Registry.

Technically, she was the first. Dark Mirror happened prior to the Second War. Both Alleria and Vereesa met their own respective husbands in the Second War. Sylvanas did it first. If you are going to blame anyone for following suit, blame Vereesa, she was presented as a character with the most ingrained biases against humans. (then she flipped the switch and turn her biases against her own people)

He’s got a uh


for that!



Haha, no, I just often delete things that I realize don’t add much of value, or were irrelevant.

Their relationships aren’t unique. It’s cliché writing not criticism. All of them had to take a human. All of them were writen to please a horny writer. There’s nothing more to it.

For the part with Knaack, exactly. Or rather almost. Not that much more, if mostly for Alleria. The same thing goes for Sylvans. It’s just so unnecessary.

Why are you such a simple mistake? Of course I’m referring to the real world time line and Sylvanas was the last one. It wouldn’t even change anything. It’s the same nonsense. Every Windrunner has to get a human.

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You have no idea what you are talking about.

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You know Alleria and Tyralion were a thing before WoW right? Shows who doesn’t knows the topic at hand.

Why are you ruining a fun thread with your negativity? Just let people enjoy things. It’s not high art, it’s Warcraft.

The thread could be more fun.
I think others ruined it long ago with some takes of "how terrible " a bi Slyvans really would be.

I don’t think human x elf 3 times in the same family can be unique. It’s silly to me. Perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten in to a back and forth with you about it. Sure.

You have two opinions on the potential of the thread. Sylvanas has not been depicted as having such a divide when it comes to her affections. She has been consistent in that regard.

Small wonder you would say this :

That sounds like the premise of a Spike Lee movie.

Trained by a caring woman.

That seems to be the whole thing you object to. That Sylvanas cared about a man at some point in her existence, prior to the point that Arthas assaulted her.


This is so important.

The fish memory/analogy in the Sister is Another Word for Always showed just how caring Sylvanas is. That plus the line in Dark Mirror about how everyone just needs someone to believe in them. That’s some pure vulnerability. It’s rare for this franchise.

Indeed and I put it never in to question. See my first replay in this thread.

Not at all. That’s a rather bad faith take and you know it. Also no matter what training Nathanos got surpassing every ranger as a short lived human is strange. But why am I not surprised by this?
You have no problem with all sister of the family falling for the “human potential”.

On the other hand you write nonsense like this. Oh no that would be so “awful”.

Indeed, I have no problem with it at all.

Interracial love does not anger me or offend me like it triggers you.

The Elves may have been a cloistered society back in the day, but many of the Elves we know and deal with are the ones that had a more integrated perspective. Alleria thought the Elves needed to venture out and face threats alongside others of the world. Sylvanas thought Humans should be welcomed and trained amongst their ranks. Heck, even Lorthemar, the Regent Lord, is courting a love not of his own race.

I said it would diminish her. Not that it would be awful.

Can you not read the words you quoted?

I don’t even think it is a language issue… since you just inserted the word “awful” and I didn’t use it. You are attributing something to me you know I never said. That is a pretty bad faith take.

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Elves do not drag. This is maximum interracial marriage, not interspecies.

Species, genus, family, detachment … Will branching begin somewhere in the family, if we assume that all descended from the same ancestor?

Goats, monkeys, bulls, pandas, foxes … Trolls and elves - descendants of elephants? Boar?
And the orcs.


It’s not interracial. It’s interspecies. There is a large difference. The joke is all of the sisters went that way and only to appease the fetish of a writer.
Try better next time.

At least it’s an Elf. I’ve never once written it should never happen. When the only reason why it has to happen between different species is to please the human potential fetish, for every female in the family… well at that point it’s getting strange.
Yes there doesn’t need to be a reason for love etc. Why should it? This however is a strange special case.

Same thing really.
If you think it would diminish her you see it clearly as something bad.

The parlance used in Warcraft Lore and Gameplay is Race. It is precisely interracial, and especially in the context of Warcraft lore.

So, your revulsion to interracial love is not something that the lore reflects - and I am glad for it.

I wouldn’t care if it was an Orc or a Dwarf. If there is an interesting story or at least some impactful lore building.

No. Language has words, and different words often mean different things. Though they can mean similar things, there are differences.

It would diminish her Character but I don’t say it would be awful. A birthday cake can be diminished if you let a little candle wax melt on it, but that doesn’t make the cake awful.