Sword Spec BUGGED!

Thinking we ought to go back to the vanilla and check the old videos out to see how sword spec proc looks on special abilities; I remember them as yellow attacks in those situations.

Not sure why, but it’s how I remember it.

Whte damage. Very easy to see this vid is legit and not some p server crap. We all know this one is real


Time stamp 2.29 a proc of either sword spec or hoj - i cant tell.

Could be HoJ, in the intro he shows that he’s got it.

Trying to find another vanilla era vid without that trinket.

However with that said, I can’t help but notice how not subject to “Classic Batching & Leeway” Vanilla was as presented in that video.

Additionally backing up my strong suspicions that classic batching and Leeway while numerically accurate according to the data sheet is WRONG in actual practice giving us a very different game from actual Vanilla.

Sorry for the side rant.

Could also be windfury totem. What it does show you is 100% those ‘extra attacks’ where white damage only. Later in the vid there is a clear use of sweeping strikes and whirlwind - all of this damage (4 targets for 8 total hits) is yellow. Every one of those 8 hits also has a chance to proc hoj/sword spec/wind fury.

Thats why it is so powerful. Blizz nerfed the chain procs (as in all of those extra attacks procced from the original 8 could also proc hoj/sword spec/wind fury for an infinite loop).

  • Extra attack multiproc works (a single attack procing multiple extra attacks like WF and Sword Spec.)
  • Extra attack chain proc does not work with WF/Sword Spec (procing an extra attack off of an extra attack)
  • Pummel procs WF and Sword Spec
  • Shield Bash procs Sword Spec but not WF
  • Sword Spec with a queued HS and instant attack gives the HS immediately just like WF
  • Multiproc extra attacks (WF+Sword Spec) with Hamstring while having HS queued - you get the HS and another regular white hit
  • Battle Shout on guardians does not work :feelsbadman:
  • Chance on hit weapons: work with Bloodthirst, Sunder, don’t work with Shield Bash / Shield Slam

As tested already in Classic regarding procs.

Edited above; did you know that Sword spec back when that video was made could indeed proc sword spec…

That got nerfed arround naxx… QQ.

Holy christ. How can you actually think not even 900 swings is an acceptable sample size?

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Yes - i was sword spec arms at the time. Each and every attack + instant extra attack (ss/hoj/wf) could proc any of them again, including iteself for an infinite loop.

This is just yet another reason why 1.12 is a mistake.

They should have embraced the franken-patch.

So Sword Spec is for 100% certain a white attack in actual vanilla.


We all know This is not a private server video.

That bears some testing, but from personal experience YES, those will proc Sword Spec, WF and HoJ, but they won’t generate rage. Think absorbs are a special case in that regard. The hit technically lands so it can proc on-hit procs, but won’t generate rage unless unabsorbed damage is dealt.

That’s a sword spec proc. HoJ and WF have unique graphics that distinguish them. WF has the wind animation, HoJ has the feet animation similar to when UD use WotF. Sword spec has no ground animation and looks like a ‘one handed’ swing as a general rule unless overwritten by another animation (because we all know swing animations can be screwy sometimes).

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If you’re going to steal Fight Club research data and not give any credit at least use the most up- to-date data:

Extra attacks

Windfury Totem

  • Can proc other extra attacks but not itself
  • Can only proc once in a chain of extra attack procs
  • For more in-depth information about WF see this wiki entry

Sword Specialization

  • Can proc other extra attacks but not itself
  • Can only proc once in a chain of extra attack procs

Proc items (Ironfoe, Hand of Justice, etc.)

  • Can proc themselves and other extra attacks
  • Can proc multiple times in a chain of extra attack procs

Multiple extra attack procs off a single melee swing

  • Will show up in the combat log as gaining multiple extra attacks but will only grant extra attack(s) from one source

Multiple extra attack procs off a single instant attack

  • Will grant extra attack(s) from all sources

All extra attacks

  • Can proc enchants (e.g. Crusader), talents (e.g. Flurry) and items (e.g. Vis’kag, Heroism)
  • Reset your main hand swing timer when they proc from your off-hand (e.g Flurry Axe)
  • On-next-swing attacks (e.g. Heroic Strike) that are queued while an extra attack proc occurs will be cast immediately
  • Multi-target abilities such as Whirlwind or Cleave have a single chance to proc extra attack(s) per-cast (as opposed to a chance per-target hit) as long as the ability hits at least one target

As for the topic at hand; Sword Specialization is not bugged – the testing method is flawed and has an extremely small data set with a high margin of error.

So is the pat vid i linked.

You would think by me saying this way up close to the beginning of the thread, one would assume i would be looking for info from the fight club discord.

I linked from the faq. Is the faq updated? Thank you for sharing the additional info.

Thank you to Magey and the Fight Club discord for all the testing and data gathering/discussion into just about every mechanic in Classic

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That’s not from the FAQ; those are old research notes from the Classic beta pinned in #mechanics at FC. There have been more discoveries since then and you can check the ?extra-attacks trigger on the bot for the most updated information.

My bad,

Thank you. Pinned data / faqs - all the same to me. Last time i asked a simple question regarding procrates, i was abused about why i would be asking for that data, to later find out no data existed on what i had asked for.

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Unfortunately some people are really absurdly sensitive now days and get offended over nothing.

One thing you should never trust tho is other people’s data or problem solving.

When looking for a solution to aproblem, the first biggest lesson I have ever learned was never trust the other guy, and when something doesn’t look or feel right; often it’s broke.

/cough Classic WoW game mechanics.

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Dont trust only one persons data. You cant really get a clear indication until it is cross checked against multiple data points.

True, but still good to do your own testing. You can occasionally find things others completely overlook or discard as unimportant when it could not be further from the truth.

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hoj currently doesn’t proc WF and i’m suspecting it isn’t going to proc sword spec either atm. it’s a bug… see my post on windfury bug. also i don’t think WF procs sword spec or any skills.

Sword spec in vanilla always was able to proc off itself, even in patch 1.12, and didn’t get a internal cool down timer until BC.

I have yet to notice a sword spec proc off itself in classic, even though it should. So it’s either a bug or a left field nerf which is contrary to the original game.

Also, I am still not even getting 5% proc rate for sword spec no matter how many hits I test. The rate seems to fall between 3.5 - 4% with 5 fully specced out talent points. This is with thousands of hits logged and tested over the weeks.