Switching Servers - Would people recommend Elune or Gilneas?

Hi All,
I’ve enjoyed playing WoW off and on since Vanilla. My friends and I created our Alliance accounts on Arthas, ironically thinking that it would be one of the most populated realms given its namesake. These days however, different sites estimate that there are less than 100 active Alliance players on that server.

I can’t find groups or guilds to join for either raids or rated PVP (which is what I really enjoy). And I’m hitting a cap with what I can do on my own or in random groups.

I’m willing to bite the bullet and transfer most of my main accounts to another realm. But I’m not sure which realm to pick.

I don’t think I want to be on an extremely high pop realm like Proudmoore. I feel like I would enjoy being on a mid-size realm with a good number of active Alliance guilds that I can have fun with. Not too overcrowded, overly competitive, or toxic (though that’s always a gamble).

After fumbling through posts and sites all day, I think that Elune and/or Gilneas might be a good fit.

  • Healthy Alliance population
  • Right time zone
  • I can keep most of my character’s names :slight_smile:

I’m a bit older these days, but still easy going and respectful. I enjoy PvP with my hunter a lot, but I also enjoy social gaming/leveling and dungeons/raids if time allows.

From what I’ve shared so far, do people think that Elune/Gilneas would be right for me? Is there anything that I’m missing? Does it make a difference if I move my characters to Elune versus Gilneas since the two seem to share their game world with each other?

Sorry for the long post, but it feels like a big deal to pay to move all my characters and I just want to make sure I’m making a smart move. Thanks in advance to everyone!