Suspended for Disruptive Gameplay? WHAT?

Its not unrelated, because my RP profile has an OOC section with stuff like that in it.

That quote is derived (I might have straight up stolen it, dont remember) from Fitzgerald. A man regarded as one of the greatest American authors. If that’s not acceptable, then Blizzard truly is lost.

Again, several of my profiles are directly critical of Blizzard. And in what I am sure is much to Blizzard’s dismay, actually causes quite a few people to converse with me on a daily basis, despite the fact that I, on a starter account, cannot interact unless they choose to approach me.

Because you only just recently got reported. Doesn’t matter the reason you were reported; if there hadn’t been any violations, you wouldn’t have been actioned and wouldn’t have even known you’d been reported.

Also, the addon authors only recently (~2017-2018) made it visible to GMs. Prior to that, GMs couldn’t take action because they couldn’t see what was in it.

Eh… this is borderline, since–as mentioned–it hints at sexual activity that’s disallowed, but I wouldn’t necessarily action it myself. Not my call, though.

Depends on the subject matter in the videos, but since Robot Chicken was on Adult Swim, and therefore not quite “family-friendly,” I’d err on the side of yes, they’d be a violation.


You do realize that a lot of material by well known authors is not allowed in grade schools, middle schools, etc. Also that well known authors have books banned.

Just because someone is well known, or even a great writer, does not make their content acceptable in Blizzard games.


I have trouble believing that you believe that… Lets not go full anti-woke here.

I’ll tell you what, if you really do believe that, then report the post above, if they action that, and ban me, that’s the end of it.

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The racism in To Kill a Mockingbird wouldn’t be allowed in any Blizzard game, either.


It isn’t anyone’s fault but your own that you had something that was against the TOS you agreed to in your profile, friend. No amount of arguing in the world is going to make them change the punishment.


I’m half tempted to tell you to come at me. lol, but like I told Mirasol, if you really believe that, then report the post where I quoted a small section of my profile.

No, it really isn’t. You are welcome to your opinion on Blizzard and welcome to express it however you wish, assuming that how you so do abides by our Code of Conduct. To make sure there is no confusion though, your criticism of us in any of your profiles wasn’t even noted.

To be absolutely clear, Valui, there have been no changes to policy. They are the same policies we have had for many years. The only thing that changed is the thing that always does, you went from “not yet reported” to “reported and reviewed”.

The quote you provided may be suggestive, but it isn’t why the account was penalized. The content that was reported was far more graphic than anything you are suggesting here. To such a degree, that even with my expertise in innuendo and vagueness, I can’t even hint at the content without being inappropriate myself.


Ok, that’s what I wanted to know. I can work with that. Thanks for being clear.

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If it was that bad, you knew exactly what they were talking about :rofl:


I don’t really care either way, bud. I’m not about to fight some rando on the internet. It’s just a simple fact.

As long as the SFAs are active, the forum mods generally don’t touch the Support Forums. If it were off-hours, who knows. The report queue may be long enough that an SFA would see it before a forum mod does.

Given the content that you are most assuredly aware that you used, since it was not limited to a one time outburst, but is extremely prevalent and pervasive, I’m more than a little surprised that you weren’t exactly aware of the why.

In either case, I’m glad I could help provide some clarity.


Well, here’s the thing, knowing you guys, it could have been anything from the criticism, to the nature of, to the fact that I may have been afk in a doorway while people were RPing around me.

The character in question has-- I think-- about a year played on it since MoP. So, for it to suddenly be an issue, when I have been EXTREMELY open this entire time, made me raise an eyebrow.

The last conversation, before I logged out-- and you can check if you’re brave enough, and haven’t eaten lunch yet winks– was started by a night elf in total agreement with me about your policies. So, for me to conclude that this could be the reason, yea-- That was a lot more relevant time-wise than anything else that had happened.

Also, I am confused what you mean by “outburst”… Its a starter account. I couldn’t have an outburst if I tried. lol

Just because you got away with robbing banks for 10 years doesn’t mean it wasn’t against the law, just means you weren’t caught.

Same principal applies with getting away with a bad name or a MRP/TRP with x rated description.


If we’re gonna use that metaphor, lets be politically correct at least… I was “robbing banks”, while shouting it from the top of the tallest building, shaking hands with everyone I met, receiving the highest of praises, and made absolutely no secret of who I was, or what I was doing… So I would have to conclude that I was “caught” multiple times, but it was never an issue.

Btw, I notice you are on Moon Guard Tovi wiggles eyebrows

I noticed you spent a long time writing that last post, and I could almost feel the amount of effort you poured in to maintain the required decorum. Thank you for your efforts, and I mean that in all sincereness. :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright, whatevs. I was trying to give you a straight answer.


I would argue that you don’t know us at all, if you believed anything of the kind could happen. No, it couldn’t have been any of those things.

It is curious why it took this long for someone to report the content, if you have been this graphic for a while. My only thought is perhaps the others that encountered the content weren’t aware you could report it or how.

Nothing you have written is shocking, Valui. It is simply not appropriate for our game, or really anywhere except for where someone is actively looking for such material.

Outburst, as in “a sudden spell of activity”, meaning it wasn’t a short occurrence, but an ongoing behavior.

I would argue that you previously weren’t caught.

I would encourage avoiding this kind of subject matter going forward.

I don’t believe anything more can come of this discussion so I’m going to lock it up. Thanks, all.


I generally try to choose my words carefully, especially on more sensitive subject matters. That said, I was also in a meeting while I had that post open, so I was typing/editing when I wasn’t actively talking or needing to pay as much attention. :slight_smile: