Survival, I guess they are done with us?

Ghorak is Briz on EU servers. For someone who seems to know him well enough to call him a “joke” on “forums” you’re clearly not that good, it took me less than 5 minutes to find him what with his love of posting his munitions spec everywhere all the time (no offence Ghorak! But that and your stablemaster addon were your biggest giveaways).

Didn’t know he had a lawyer. I don’t know Ghorak at all I just know his posts from SV hunter threads. Him and that New zeland Beppels.

I at least don’t cry here how they took away spec that was most played hunter spec based on them

No lol it was not gotcha. It was just a point that few people told you that it was MM hunter with explosive shot instead of Aimed shot.

What; by showing us the fact that they shared talents just like every other pair of specs from the same class in the game?


Yea because you where saying that they where completely different, and I told you they just had few different spec. Wich was the counterargument on your comment “Survival had identity and depth”

Thank god you dont get paid to think, and if you do IRL then I worry for that company.

Indeed. Go to the Trueshot lounge discord and type in Bepples in the Survival section and have a good laugh.

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Being able to change talents in M+ would already be the problem, just in terms of sheer extra hassle. Gotta remember in advance not to hit a single active ability you’d want to swap out of at the same time or you’re stuck in the former talent tree or having to manually chart a variation of the build to hold onto this or that CD so you can actually make the swap.

Stop for 10s before each boss fight so everyone can swap talents. “Oh wait, Volley is still CD; gotta wait 15s more before I can swap, guys.” Can’t chain-pull after boss because someone blew their 3-minute on the 2-minute boss and needs to swap it back in one minute. Ahh, shoot they accidentally used another 1-minute CD they’d want to swap out…

I seriously hope we do not get to talent-swap in M+. That would be the most degen crap to date.

On "Bepples and Ghorak"


One is not like the other. The only flak Ghorak is likely to have earned is spending too much time on admittedly pretty damn polished mock-ups for sensible adjustments, i.e., trying too hard to under-appreciated effect. You could say the same for Ashrael and others recently.

Ghorak’s Munitions spec isn’t trying to steal your MSV candy; it’s a 4th spec provided to the devs on a silver platter with zero offensive intentions and plenty of good motives behind it.


It does bring up an interesting point though: M+ has put pressure on every spec in the game to at least be decent at both ST and most forms of AoE.

MM in WoD had almost no AoE capability whatsoever but it basically didn’t matter. Now that would sink a spec.

I think they also involve AoE a lot more in raid bosses.

So did you also do the same thing to argue that Destruction and Affliction were the same spec? After all they both use fel magic and demons, share a large baseline utility toolkit, fight at range, and at the time all their talent tiers were shared just like Hunters… and every other class. So I guess Affliction was just Destruction with DoTs, right? Should they make Affliction a melee spec since apparently we don’t have enough of those?

I’m hoping you understand: you claim you played the Hunter specs including Survival back then yet you apparently thought it was so remarkable that the talent tiers were shared that you bothered to install a WoD client and hop on a private server to get screenshot proof. Be honest with us: did you know beforehand that this was the case for every class back then?

Aye. But that is not something to be fixed by demanding that a spec swap out its talents mid-run, as Mahavo suggested.

That’s a reason instead to, say, bake Trick Shots into Multi-shot baseline even while allowing Volley to be used in place of either (ideally with a slightly longer duration and lower base damage), for Razor Fragments not to be dependent upon Trick Shots, and maybe revise Lone Wolf, providing for more granular means of specializing towards AoE.

What we talent into should be our chosen balance towards or away from specialization towards AoE or ST, not a means of replacing gameplay with menu-play while ultimately making non-choices out of the whole gimmick.

Not saying that you were saying otherwise… just… I feel like it cannot be understated how bad talent-changing in M+ would be.

baahaha. if you only knew. i will not indulge you by being vain either.

On subject and @op, surv needs alot of polish still. There’s some cool concepts they are trying to introduce but there not fully fleshed out.

Imo, they should just abort FotE and RM as capstones. Replace with WFI and improved WFI.


Yes I did know but you don’t get it. It may be me not explaining what I think well for you to understand , or it’s you just not wanting to understand. Looks like we played two different games.

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I find it funny how people are stating that only a few people on the forums think surv is bad. Hate to break it to you, but a .001% reputation standing at the beginning of SL when the 2nd lowest represented spec was feral at over 1% pretty much tells the story. I dont like melee surv, it has no identity, the playstyle is trash, its truely become the meme spec of wow, i mean even blizz put ReXxAr as its “model” on the spec page for the DF ptr. Blizz is LITERALLY trolling themselves.
What i want to know what do these people get by defending a bad spec? Is it because we also, at times, criticize blizz as well and they would never question their lords and saviors? It is because literally opened up a primo spot with the talent trees to change surv into a respectable ranged spec again but the nimrodz or nimoz or whoever it is somehow made it worse? What do people REALLY get by defending such a horrible and discounted spec like surv? The 0% chance that blizz mentions them in a post and that will be enough for them to climax simultaneously for the next 6 months?
Even before the trees were announced the hunter community was, at large, in agreeance that if blizz presented ranged surv again as a 4th spec of its own, pretty much everyone would be happy. However, what did they do? Blizz trolled you by giving surv ranger so you can use ranged spells. Newflash, there is no minimal range so you dont have to jump in and out like a moron to use them. So, what did you really gain by supporting blizz this xpansion so far?

Nothing. You received nothing.

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You seem to be spouting random sentences and hoping it forms a coherent text. It doesn’t.


Im a big fan of speaking in sentence fragments, especially at work. Ppl tend to leave me alone so I can to do my work.


I hit comma instead of period. Im on my phone get over it.

Forum hunter population is not whole hunter population. Again hate to break it to you but spec popularity depends on performance. Right now SV is most popular spec only because it performs well. Like every spec any given time

Because there is people that enjoy any given spec regardless what certain patients think on these forums.

Again your definition of “large” is just based on forums that consist maybe out of 10 players that are against melee SV.Just because you can’t play in melee and think current SV has no class identity don’t push it on who community as general opinion.

If anything else it fits more the name Surival now then it used to fit with explosive shot and black arrow. If you don’t know what survival mean google it please.

As 4th spec to bring Shadow hunter to work as per legion SV hunter would be fine. But we won’t see it soon

I really enjoy the current iteration of survival on live as a hybrid range spec. However I do not enjoy PTR survival as it is too melee heavy.

With flayed shot, survival is considered a ranged spec by many and the reason I enjoy it. We need flayed shot for SV to return in DF.

Another change that needs to happen is for harpoon to have 2 charges plus 50 yard range. Along with CA / spearhead not charging the target.

I hope the devs aren’t finished with SV b/c on PTR survival is mostly mongoose bite spam, withvery little depth and overall pretty boring to play.