Surprised we have not had any news


Official Blizzard post: Classic was just a prank bro. Lul

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Soon i can feel it


no news is good news


I would like a release date so I can put in my vacation time. Other than that I couldn’t care less.


I think it’s cute that so many people still believe that Classic is going to happen.

They’ve already laid the ground work for why it won’t happen in their interviews. Here is what we’ll hear…
“Reproducing all the old code and mechanics proved too difficult and wasn’t cost-effective.”
“We felt that we were taking too many resources away from developing FUTURE content and expansions.”
“In order to recover the cost of production, we would have had to increase the cost to the consumer beyond what we felt the market would bear…”

Bookmark it.


We’ve been working on a number of things to hopefully get out to you guys soon™.
Nothing to share on it specifically right now but work is happening everyday both on Classic, as well as things we want to communicate to you guys about Classic.

I myself look forward to sharing more details in the coming future as I’ve been very excited and interested in seeing and hearing what all the team is doing and we know you guys are eager to hear and see these things too.

*Sits in the back of the classic car*
Blues - Any updates on these subjects coming soon?
Update on spell batching
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My heart skips a beat when I see a new blue post.

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Haha now I wish I made my snarky "They will make an inconclusive comment about progress being made with no clarification what-so-ever on any of the topics being regurgitated multiple times each day."but I didn’t want to sound like a tosser. Oh well, no news is good news. Even if we have to suffer through more threads about right-click report, “balancing” classes (especially paladins for some reason), what loot sharding will do to make the community implode and/or do absolutely nothing differently, why automated systems are bad and you shouldn’t mute me for the things I say in public channels, or the fantasy “add this change to make classic better*” requests.

Not like a blue response or official announcement would have been effective. Some of those questions we have solid answers for, directly for Ion and others, but people make new threads every other hour.


i cant wait to see all the number of things you are working on and am also excited and eagerly looking forward to seeing and hearing the interesting things the team is doing

wow i should be a blue

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Hey, this time he said that more news is coming, unlike last time when he said he just flat out didn’t have anything at all to share. I mean, that’s a little progress.


I caught that too. Good eye. lol

I think it’s cool that he popped in to basically say hang in there, it’s coming. It’s even cooler that he seems legit excited for Classic.



I’ll take this edition of soon™


At the same time, normal beta cycle has stuff like class feedback and design, general new zone and new quests feedback. In this case they just need to test for bugs since class design, tuning and questing and leveling pace are already determined and set to what they were in 1.12.

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Thanks for the blue post. Even though it’s exactly as I suspected despite all these guys in here.

HoW cAn ThEy NoT hAvE aN uPdAtE

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Thank you Ythisens.

I hope we can finally put this silly guild bank debate to bed once and for all in the near future.

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Thanks for stopping by. The blue keeps my morale up.

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We need a release date. Soon!

I’ve been holding off on booking a cruise, and other vacation plans, based on when the release date is.

I just couldn’t bear being on vacation, and coming back and finding that my name that I’ve been using for years has been taken.


Vacation?? Blasphemy theres too much Classic to be played.

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I feel like TM is taunting me.

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“we’ve been frantically breeding Hamsters to power the servers just like we used 14 years ago, We’re not quite there yet as the lil tykes get exhausted after 3-4 days running so bear with us as we engineer a stronger more resilient hamster like the old days.”