Sunken Temple Loot Updated - May 24

With hotfixes that are now live, we’ve updated many items that drop in Sunken Temple to be better for casters and more rewarding in general.

A number of previously non-Epic items are now Epic quality, and in many cases, stats have been added or increased.


We are saved!

A good start. Now reduce the health of trash so it doesn’t take ages to clear. That’s my main greivance with ST, is that it’s like 20-30 minutes of trash clearing and then 2 minutes of boss.


Not that I don’t appreciate my offhand dagger getting dramatically improved, but can yall ensure that Rogues have 1.3 speed OH weapons for future content as well before everyone tries to drop 10k+ gold on an Alcor’s Sunrazor?

I don’t even care if its just daggers given we’re about to get weapon specs, but pleeeeeease don’t pigeonhole us with a BoE as our BiS for the remainder of SoD.



Wow, what fantastic patch notes. I sure am glad I have to log in to be able to figure out what you changed.


Need the axe for melee hunter

Wowhead will have all that stuff soon to be fair.

Almost everything that casters can use are now epics and got anywhere from fair to pretty substantial buffs.

I guess we get to discover these changes too


Lol. This helmet was already pretty good and they just added 20 SP to it.

RIP to my boys who were passing on loot previously. At least we have a few weeks to pick some of this stuff up.

almost all of the gear i had in my bank was upgraded, the chest, helm, caster dagger, caster neck, offhand were all buffed by a lot, tier sets are unchanged tho

It looks like if it drops off the last three bosses it was probably buffed.

im upset they didnt buff the ritualist headdress… it was already behind the exiled helm and now its just more of a non comparison.

Also glad I was passing on hubris because I have BoeD… Now Hubris looks to be MUCH better.


there were items buffed on every boss (atlas loot already has them updated because it uses the game api i guess?), eranikus and hakkar items are all epic now except for the tier pieces

Why? Who cares at this point? You want to replace everything at 60 anyway.


Because we still have multiple weeks of ST farming ahead lad.

What geniuses compiled this afffirmation 2 months too late! OH yeah, the morons getting payed our subs in salary, almost forgot! gj!

cool but does the overgrowth trinket work with vampiric embrace yet?

I dont know whats worse. Your attitude…or your grammar.


you didn’t even reply properly, so your response oif attitude is directed at absolutely no one like a moron