So the sundancer mount is 100% drop rate after Jan 7th hotfixes?

I can’t even find anyone who has the strider to even make it drop. :c

And I believe so

I was in a group of 25man earlier today , and only 1 person out of 25 got the sundancer. There weren’t any on AH in my server, luckily someone else able to purchased at the AH of his server

Gotta find someone with the patience to level up Path of Ascension enough to unlock that design.

Since PoA is so boring I’m not surprised the items are hard to find.


Yeah, i’m aware, I was planning on doing it myself but I find the basion covenant to be very boring.


Whoever said 100% drop is a POS. Liar . It’s a very low chance to drop so now all that gold I spent on the glider was for nothing. I mean I didn’t even get anima. So sick of how lazy they are with this expansion. Fix YOUR GAME STOP BEING A HORRIBLE COMPANY

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Not sure who said it was 100% but Wowhead comments dated 8 and 9 days ago specifically say the mount is not 100% drop rate. Also comments posted “yesterday” stating it was not 100% either.

Yep, Exact same thing happened to me this morning. 80k gold for the glider wasted.

Is the glider a one time use item for 80k? That seems like a bug or is the fix not until Tuesday? That’s seems really extreme, even for WoW

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Glider is a 1 time use , my server 200k per glider. If you miss the jump , your good is down the drain


So I think it is a 100% drop for the person who uses the glider, and rides Sundancer down to the platform. That’s what I was reading from Wowhead, and after trying it out myself I was able to get the Sundancer pretty easily.

I’d suggest going to the cliffside just north of the platform and wait for Sundancer to run by, jump down and keep circling him as you descend and keep clicking at him while you do. Then IMMEDIATELY start spamming the “soothe” active ability that will show up or you die and waste your glider.


It was part of the patch notes for Friday. It says it’s for those who are eligible but it doesn’t specify exactly what that means.

Is the mount only for the Kyrian covenant players? :frowning: That could be why it says for those eligible…

No, anyone from any Covenant can get it, the “eligible” player is the one who rides, and lands Sundancer on the platform to be challenged. My Covenant is Ardenweald, but I was still able to preform the quest and receive the mount at the end.

Although other players who simply participate in the fight only have a 10% chance of getting the mount.

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If you think Blizz is gonna add a recolored mount with a better chance than 1 in 500 you’re being to kind to how they operate.

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Oh I see. That’s good. I want that golden unicorn :slight_smile:

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Nope. Join a raid of about 12 people. The glider owner didn’t get the mount. 4 other people did.

I’ve done the event/encounter solo twice now with no drop, so I’m not really sure what the hotfix actually did. Kyrian, have the blessing, using my own skystrider gliders. Quite frustrating considering the material cost and spawn timer.


Wow, I can’t even find the glider on the AH but for something that expensive that’s messed up that it’s not 100% lol. I guess it’s meant for kyrian who can just craft it? :confused:


This is still an issue. I just about spent 35k for 35 anima. I opened a ticket and referenced the “hotfix” so hopefully they help