They won’t
I’ve been told as of my latest ticket:

The Hotfix fixed some bugs that were causing the mount to not be given to people who completed the Sundancer encounter in a way that should have granted them the mount. Looking at your character, I can confirm that you didn’t complete the encounter in the proper way and therefore didn’t earn the mount appropriately. At the moment it seems like the appropriate way to get the mount is not widely known in the community at all and therefore more research into the Sundancer encounter and the surrounding areas is what I’d recommend first.

What that extra requirement is, is beyond me, and also makes no sense. Had the blessing, used the glider I crafted myself, got the achievement, beat the encounter, nothing but 35 anima.

Yet someone can walk up to it with none of the above and get it. So I don’t honestly know if something is still missing or it’s still bugged, because I haven’t heard of anybody having any other prerequisite at all.


Finally got this on the third attempt. I did nothing at all different other than beating the fight faster, maybe I just barely timed out before? Two other people got it that did not have any of the requirements at all (one was Venthyr even).

Very, very odd, but glad that’s over for now!

It isn’t 100%? I got mine first try. That sucks.

My understanding is it is 100% for whoever used the glider, and just a chance for everyone else

I just joined a random group.

I wonder if there’s an advantage for Kyrian players.

I haven’t gotten it yet, and I’m Kyrian. I’m working on getting my 10k anima so I can make the glider myself. Then Sugar Daddy Fenny is going to make it rain sundancers for all of his friends.


Yep, the ticket was to no avail. I am still mountless.

There are a few things that are required to be done while attempting to get this mount. Due to one of these requirements having a particular buff that part is not something that Customer Support can view through our logs. As that’s not something that can be verified Customer Support cannot offer to award the mount. This means Sundancer will have to be attempted again for a chance at the mount.

I replied with an attached screenshot with (timestamped) Sundancer bowing to me and giving ambrosia along with the remaining timer on my buff.

That’s… dumb. And so is the fact that the glider is a one time use. This whole thing makes me sad now. Kinda like most things I think will be cool to try to get, until I look at the requirements and wonder wtf Blizz was thinking. :pensive:

I wish I could give you a glider D:

Rhielle, you just need to make a Horde character on Wyrmrest Accord, I guess!

That’s where most of my Horde characters are. LOL

I’ve been on WrA since it launched. :wink:

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Send me ingame mail. When I’ve farmed up enough anima to get tier 3 Path of Ascension, I will make sure you get a glider!

I have to bring myself to level again first. LOL

I’ll work on it. :kissing_heart:

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I got mine on the first go. Unfortunate to learn he isn’t guaranteed, all things considered.

I got it from the first raid group I found. The glide user who formed the group didn’t get it. And I’m Venthyr.

Apparently Sundancer, once engaged, can be attacked by anyone. Anyone participating in the fight has the chance to get the mount. I was working to get a chest in the area and found a warlock named Zalita already fighting Sundancer. We were not in a group/party. I engaged and helped him kill, when the mob reached 10% health I recieved the mount, and Zalita did not. It was my understanding that all loot was personal and the drop rate applied to everyone involved seperately. Zalita was angry as he believed i ninja’d the mount. is this a personal loot drop rate?