Sulfuras growth hype is real

Well I think the key thing is they mentioned is that they are going to monitor the situation and if it needs more alliance they’ll let alliance keep transferring in.

Can’t control the lvl 1s or not, but they can actually see the data on who all are playing, and how that compares, and then they’ll make the decision.

No one because the megaservers are now locked for good. :heart:

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I hope thats the case since it would be one of the few times they try to balance the servers to keep them healthy which is a really good sign that they are finally trying.

You win, Blizzard has never gone back on any of their decisions.

“You think you want classic but you don’t”
-J Allen Brack (Circa Blizzcon 2016) Colorized

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Where is that info at?


The whole harrasment issue of employees showed they hide things and deny things that are true.

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once again they answer that area. But yea its a bit too late being they already allowed it to swell once they deleted servers.

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I was just sharing for the blue post regarding the indefinite locking of the mega-servers since I saw the post asking for where that info was.

If you transfer whisper me “Hippyforms” for guild invite to Benediction Refugees, currently 70 people online if you like a big active guild.

Last night to transfer, realm is getting locked tomorrow to keep the balance perfect.

It’s great that they are going to close transfers to this server and lie to you that the populations are even. have fun alliance!


Lol you can see its even with addons and your own eyes, blizz has nothing to do with it

You think it’s even but it’s not. Wait for Wrath launch. Hope that I’m wrong!

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How is the balance there alliance/horde? Can’t find accurate numbers.

You jinxed it. Feelsrip.

I gave you guys a slight push in the right direction

Blizzard said it’s close to 50/50, and they’ll also try to ensure it stays at 50/50. Was posted here:

It’s like all my wishes came true. Legitimately shocking.

At least in regards to the realm population and faction balance. All the changes they’ve made are still inexcusable.

I created a DK there on one of my alt accounts…it was meh. I’ll keep it there so I can see how things go. A neat little experiment. Pretty good server if you only want to run Kara or heroics.

To be fair, like no one is raiding right now