Sulfuras Alliance is dead

Alliance in sulfuras is totally dead, it’s impossibly find people to do Dungeons or Raids. My guildmattes and i literally forced out to transfer sulfuras from bene because queues when the wotlk came out and now we need to pay around 15 usd to transfer one character to an alive realm

So, blizz, please, make discount pack for transfer to other realms.

Yes, I’m criying. i can’t play my favourite game from childhood


Oh, I forgot something, you can’t do low level dungeons or group quests because there are no people :slight_smile:


Yup. I went back to Grobb cause Sulfurus Ally is pretty dead. Blizz really needs to manage server population better.


At first it looked like Blizzard was paying attention to the server situation and what the community was saying:

but they closed down the free transfer to Alliance long before Sulfuras even had a chance to become a balanced server. I think when I was scanning the concurrent online players around the time they closed off transfers again, it was about 65/35 in favor of the Horde.

Just another example of Blizzard doing an awful job at managing server population and balance. If they had just allowed it to come up to 50/50 balance, it would have had a chance to become the next Grobbulus.

I had some friends on Sulfuras Alliance. They all transfered to Atiesh, gg.


I was on Sulf Ally, Went to Atiesh lol. Everyone that stayed Sulf faction changed. GG blizz.

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Just report it, low level trolling characters do get banished to the nether if enough people get tired of their crap and hit that report button.

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It’s not a troll when someone points out the flaw in your dumb logic.

Name an Expansion that didn’t have queues at launch in classic. I’ll wait.

Tbc Netherwind, before they allowed free transfers for every server to benny.

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Internet trolling: A definition

The Oxford Dictionary describes trolling as making “a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them”.

Calling someone:

is trolling.


Wait a bit to play at the start after the mad dash of excitement. After the initial interest wears off people raid log, and the overcapacity servers are just healthy.

Those who were impatient and swiftly transferred because they couldn’t stand not playing for a few days are now on a barren server. Everyone said that would happen.

Now its happened. Now you’re sad.

No one is surprised and no one cares. We waited in benny and its great.

Good thing you rushed to hit 80 on your new server, that really got you ahead :rofl: Enjoy playing with no one.

This seems reasonable, imo. Something like a transfer-back program or a “whoops, we messed up the realm with transfers” program. :slight_smile:

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This guy gets it. Don’t even reply. The forums are infested with low level troll alts.

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Your opinion and rational is the truth. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot troll.

That’s going to get you far in life bud :rofl:

Oh no sulf alliance dead again who could have forseen this…

jk. But forreal tho I thought sulf had a chance for a rebirth and then blizz was like “Naw” and locked the server for alliance transfers lmao.

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It’s clear Blizzard doesn’t care to maintain server balance. They wait until poop hits the fan during spikes like expansion launch, do some kneejerky things to resolve the immediate problem, and then never revisit the issue until the next big event. The intern hired to watch over Classic doesn’t have a lot of time leftover from checking the bug forums every couple of weeks, so I guess we can cut them some slack.

I didn’t transfer off Faerlina when there was the option (even though I hate the server and only raid log due to that) but I won’t come here and mock the OP. First, because that’s not a nice thing to do, and I aim to only be mean to people who deserve it. Second, the people who transferred off were some of why the queues dropped. So being nasty instead of grateful is backward thinking.

It does suck that Sulfuras is becoming horde dominant again. :frowning:

eranikus alliance getting there, recruiting has been a nightmare.

I wanted to xfer my 70 ally toon from Bene to Sulf, but couldn’t, because locked server. No intention of doing so now. So thanks Blizz, your mismanagment saved me money and costed you mine, and a lot more xfer fees from others. When does daddy Microsoft start handling the finances?

same thing with us. we did NOT want to leave, we were fine being the minority faction. However, the inability to do anything else in the game other than raid and pvp forced us to go to a PVE server, which I personally despise. To add insult to injury, I had to play to transfer multiple toons in order to move my guild bank over because there is no transfer guild option. There is, however, in retail, which a support agent helpfully linked to me when I submitted a ticket asking for help.

i was on bene. I didn’t transfer. Because i knew today would come.

now, Bene is teeming with players… how’s your server? no queues, I bet.