Transfers from Benediction to Sulfuras were re-opened! (Edit)

Last time I checked last 7 days we were not even.

But now we are. Good to know.

But still when we log and run the addon the number of horde online beats the number of alliance online by a large margin.

If you filter for 60-70 or just 70 it’s 54/46 horde. Which is on par with what I get from the addon when I use it prime time.

Why would you leave a populated server? It’s too risky let blizzard fix the servers we shouldn’t have to fix it for them. Cross realm now so people on sulfuras don’t have to pay money to go back to a not dead server!

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I’m hearing from several folks that Sulfuras is back on the free xfer options for those that had friends that missed the window.

We did it all! Xfers are back for ally gogogo


This is specifically for Alliance players on Benediction. We’d still like to see many more move away from the queue situation there, and so we’ve enabled Free Character Transfers from Benediction to Sulfuras (Alliance only).


Crushing it Kaivax, thank you for the prompt action. :slight_smile:


Great, rip those who left to Erin lmao.


I’m probably going to be called a bootlicker (again) but you’re all doing a good job here.


Good stuff.

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Extremely fast response and great decision. Think I might transfer my druid there later tonight from benediction.

I have an ally on benediction and my guild is thinking of going for shorter Qs, but I have a horde rogue on sulfuras that’s 70, would I need to delete my rogue to move with my friends?

Thank you guys for doing the right thing!

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Open up free transfers from Erinakus to Sulfurus then for alliance.

God you’re such a sexy sexy community manager. Thanks for your prompt responses during this time.

No you can have both horde and ally on the same server now.


You bootlicker. j/k j/k. Honestly glad they reopened that for players, even if it doesn’t affect me.

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Good decision. Personally I’d recommend opening up Eranikus to everyone to make new characters as well.


We need free transfers to a PvE realm as well. Allow free transfers to Mankrik alliance or off.

Thank you, the whole community thanks you.

Can every player jere deliver the message in /4 and /2 on Benediction? Many players have no ideia the transfers are open again. Even you who are against transfering, consider warning, those who are interested will leave and it’s less 1 person your queue.