Suggestion: No Flying Mode

Opinion not fact.

no not really. Sorry friend.

In theory true but no proof. I don’t think it would really change much.

OP I think you overestimate how many people don’t want flying. Rather implement a mode that not a lot of people would use. Go play Classic or just don’t use a flying mount yourself no one is stopping you.


I love how people make stuff up and use it as fact.

Yes, because they’re stubbornly clinging to things that make no sense. Like no flying.

So in other words, “I don’t like these things, which means they’re factually bad for the game.” That’s not how opinions work.

Purely subjective. You have no argument.

  1. Your beloved “proof” even states, “The amount of players is still lower than what they were during last August’s Battle for Azeroth expansion.”

  2. Your “proof” is based off of “point-of-sale and event data from publishers, developers, and payment service providers,” not actual facts from Blizzard. Attempting to say “these subscriptions went solely to Classic” isn’t possible. So it’s assumption.

I’m so sick of this “classic is god, retail is trash” mentality. Not to mention, even BC embraced flying and had content specific to it.

Because it’s what some actually enjoy. Shocking, I know.

Because it worked great in BC and can be expanded upon to actually add more content to the game. Because Pathfinder has made a crap ton of people quit the game. Because you can’t take out what’s already a part of it and expect not to kill off the rest of your playerbase. Because the playerbase doesn’t need split up any more than it already has been by Classic crap. Because the game isn’t even designed for solely ground play and can’t be accessed in some areas of at least two expansions by ground mounts.

Try reading this and having an ounce of understanding:

This is logic. ^


You got five likes. That alone should tell you something. Look we get it. There are some folks out there who for whatever reason do not like flying. SO DON’T FLY.
Why is it so difficult for you to understand that you don’t get to tell other players how to play their game they pay for?

As for your absurd statement that Classic is so successful due to no flying I would like to see that data. How about you stop making up “facts”.


Well look at that.

All I had to do was copy and paste from the original post.

Players complain about leveling, yet leveling in Classic takes longer and is more tedious.

Players complain about Pathfinder, yet there is no flying in Classic.

Players complain about pruning, yet many classes have less abilities and more monotonous rotations in Classic.

Players complain about balance, yet Classic is extremely unbalanced.

Players complain about story, yet Classic has no main plot, the storytelling is low quality if not absent most of the time.

Players complain about transmog restrictions, yet transmogrification does not even exist in Classic.

Go ahead …

Enlighten the forums as to what it is players like about Classic, that was not destroyed by flying and quality of life improvements, as I previously stated.

I understand you have 11,500 posts on the new forums in the past year since they’ve come out and have a name that people recognize, but it makes your points no more valid nor your condescension any more warranted. All it does is further associate your big ego with your name.

You made a bold claim of opinion as if it was fact “this game needs to embrace flying and design more content with flying in mind.”

This has nothing do with Classic, or any of the irrelevant arguments of your “logical post.” Sure, those are debunking dumb arguments people make who are anti-flying. None of them have anything to do with why flying is actually good, as you claim, and the point remains: flying is decisive.

Yet despite this very decisive feature, you simply want it your way. Force everyone to have flying, and build large portions of the game around it, so even the people who hate flying are REQUIRED to fly. Don’t let them go off onto a no flying server, even though that’s what they want. No, that would take away some people from your already random, sharded world. They’ve given up the campaign to remove flying outright from everyone, so why on earth would you take issue with them going off on their own without flying? Making people happy by letting them have choice over one of the most decisive issues in game right now is a bad thing? You want to design more content with flying in mind (and I am guessing not entirely optional content), when a large portion of the playerbase dislikes it.

There’s really no two words to describe you and your mindset better than arrogant and self-centered. Lest we forget your two most liked posts on these forums, both in direct contradiction of what you’re saying in this thread:

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I don’t know what my post count has to do with anything, nor do people care who I am. But nice try at twisting that for no reason whatsoever.

My points are valid because it’s my point of view, my opinion.

Now you’re reading a tone into my posts that doesn’t exist just to try to fit your victim narrative. Not going to work. I’m blunt, but was not condescending.

Nope, I claim my own views and opinions. Not fact.

According to the OP and some others, it does. Which is why that argument started.

It’s a major part of the game. It has been since its inception. To deny that means you’re not interested in fully playing the game. This isn’t just some QoL thing. It’s literally integrated into gameplay in BC, Wrath, Cata and Mists.

Because this dying community doesn’t need to be divided any more than it already is. And you can’t do that anyway. The game was literally built around flying in Cata. There are rep factions and rewards people could never get without flying. This is impossible to do.

Ah, yes… “I don’t like your viewpoint nor your logic or the fact that it can’t work like that, so I’ll just insult you.” :roll_eyes:

Let people have choices so the world actually feels larger

Does not apply to a gameplay mechanic that’s embedded into this game so deeply that you couldn’t run old content without it.
You took it out of context to apply to this that it can’t mechanically apply to.

Speak for only yourself. YOU don’t want flying. Others do. You’re not everyone.

Fun fact: you don’t have to fly right now if you don’t want to. No one took that choice away from you. Also: I was speaking only my viewpoint. I never claimed otherwise with my opinions.

So you failed at trying to catch me in something you thought was hypocritical.

There is already a no flying mode, its called not having pathfinder.

I would know because I don’t have part 2 done and its not very fun so far.

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There are a variety of reasons people play classic over BFA. There are also reasons people play BFA over classic. Flying is just one among many. It’s ridiculous to credit flying alone.

Also, flying was added in BC which released in early 2007. The major subscription losses started happening several years and expansions later. It’s utterly ridiculous to pretend that they are related.

Are you saying that you can definitively link the subscription losses to those things? Because that’s a major, entirely-unfounded claim.

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You can literally check this with Eagle Eye/Farsight, not to mention the alpha/beta sandboxes people make. Also there are in-game methods of climbing to unreachable places such as DH double-jump and Gnomish Gravity Well.

Long story short, it’s not even remotely true.

Still waiting for the data, not opinions. “Crickets”

Meh. As a massive pro-flyer, I think this is the most reasonable anti-flying thread I’ve ever seen. The only problem is that it would be an absolute ghost town. The “no flying war mode” layer might be popular with the wpvpers, but I think there’s a reason warmode didn’t ship without flight, and I don’t think it’s because Ion changed his mind on the subject.

Flying war mode and ground mode pve would be completely desolate, though. The’yd have to be complete CRZ’s for it to work at all.

Like it or not, there IS a difference between “I don’t fly when everyone else does” and “No one on my server/layer can fly”. So I’d be alright with this idea. Wouldn’t hurt me none. You’d still have to figure out what to do with Netherstorm or the Hozen cliffs in Pandaria.

But if it meant Pathfinder released on day 1 or X.0.5 at the latest? I’d even be pro-ground mode!

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bad player is bad

you understand it. Good job

Wow. Can’t have an actual discussion, so will toss out insults (that have zero to do with the topic) and quote out of context to act immature. :roll_eyes:

Done with you. Not worth my time.

cant argue with retail players. They just slobber on their keyboard and do world quests

Stupidity transcends politics. The wall is a monumentally stupid idea. Also, which countries, exactly?

And since you want to make that argument, all other free countries also have socialized healthcare. Which way do you want it?

No, you can’t argue with us because you’re too busy mindlessly grinding furbolgs so you can enter the next zone.

Hey, there is already a “no flying mode.”

Here’s how it works:

YOU walk or use a ground mount!