Suggestion - Bigger Bags

This expansion has placed more and more and more items into my bags than any previous expansion combined. We have an entire tab on our character for optional currencies, yet the optional currencies for Dragonflight keep getting dumped into my bags. This expansion only increased the max size of the bag from the previous expansion by 2 slots. Meaning I have an additional 8 slots from Shadowlands. However, you’ve given around 20+ new items that now take space in our bags that could have in theory gone into the Currency tab. You gave us this whole new reagent bag, to which mine is chock full due to all of the various kinds of reagents.

Can we please either get some of these items removed from our bags to be in the currency tab, or better yet bigger bags (That don’t cost an arm and a leg to actually create)?

I don’t even want to know how many additional items 10.1 is trying to bring online, given that 10.0.7 has so far dumped 6 items into my bags for me to lug around. If 10.1 is bringing more, we need bigger bags.


Agreed. I’m constantly trekking back to a bank to offload things.


How many additional slots do you need?

I would say an additional 4 slots per bag would suffice at this rate, giving the players an additional 16 slots in total. (I’d really want 40 slot bags, but I don’t know how well they’d go for that. 40 slot bags would almost give a 1 to 1 ratio of stuff added to free space.)

That, or start moving optional currencies to the optional currencies tab.


I do welcome bigger bags, I love the new materials back but I’d rather we move up the number over time. I’m a hoarder and 34 slot bags are not always the best but good. Maybe up some new bags in 10.2 at 38 slots but maybe leave them out of the Tailoring loop.

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I think they should stay in the realm of tailoring, as they always have… I just believe they need to rework their required materials. To currently make the 34 slot bags is a monumental tasking. You currently need the following just to make 1 34 slot bag:
5x Spool of Wilderthread
3x Azureweave Bolt
Doesn’t seem like much until you dive into the requirements for the Azureweave bolt:
1x Awakened Frost
1x Awakened Order
3x Vibrant Wildercloth Bolt
And now the Wildercloth Bolt requires:
3x Wildercloth
1x Vibrant Shard

So in total, just to make 1 34 slot bag you need: 3x Awakened Frost, 3x Awakened Order, 9xVibrant Shard, and 81xWildercloth. - Oh and you also have to utilize a Cooldown to create the Azureweave bolts, that can only be created in 1 spot in the world.

As compared to the Shadowlands max bag of 32 slots, requiring 15 Lightless Silk(Drops off mobs) and 25 penumbra thread(vendor item).

I don’t understand why they decided to significantly raise the cost/materials required from Shadowlands max bag to the Dragonflight Max Bag. The Dragonflight bag should be nowhere near this bad to create. So I understand if this is why you’re stating the bags should be removed from the tailoring profession.


I’d be perfectly fine if the existing bag space stays the same and we get more slots in the Reagent Bank. As someone who loves crafting and transmog, I have a lot of mats from older expansions because I want to save them for tmog recipes with rare ingredients. Having 3 tiers of leather this xpac certainly did not help matters for me.


Oh, this one I’ll gladly echo!

Would love the ability to buy a 2nd or even 3rd reagent bank tab, or make one for purchase and another for crafting/gathering achievement unluck?

As well, more tabs for Guild Bank unlocks would be so welcomed too!


I like this idea much more. Another tab in the reagent bank!


This should have been a thing the moment they decided to make three different tiers of the same item. I’ve had to offload reagents to an alt and now my entire reagent bank is filled with nothing but a majority of dragonflight materials and what little materials I have that are untradeable from previous expansions.

Please increase the reagent bank!


With the upcoming patch days away now, and it adding even more items to our already stressed bags due to this new upgrade system, are we getting an increased bag size coming? Is the team working on making these “currency items” into things that aren’t bag clutter?

Seriously, At what point do we stop adding things to the bags? Why do I have so much stuff already in this expansion that’s clogging up my bags, and at every patch you deem it necessary to add even more? if it is a CURRENCY, it should go into the CURRENCY tab on the character screen.

Please stop placing all of these items into our bags. Those of us that have been playing for YEARS don’t have the bank space to just shove all of this nonsense into to declutter our bags, yet that is the expectation.


My issue is that we have quest items in our bags still, a little clonky overall.


I’d love bigger bag options! I’m finding myself constantly trying to figure out ways to declutter my inventory and bank and after well over a decade of playing I’ve gathered a lot of items :sweat_smile: especially with PvP oriented gear being valuable again having multiple sets of gear in my inventory really adds up.