Succubus Seduction Bug

Afternoon Warlock Community!

I’ve noticed the new Seduction ability and Grimoire of Sacrifice Seduction ability has been acting wonky for me. I suppose I should’ve canvassed other Warlocks before making a post about it on the Bug Forums, but if you’re experiencing the same issues, please review my post on the Bug Forums and help bring some light to the issue.

Thanks and hope everyone is having a great day! :slight_smile:


Hey there!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. From the look of things this appears to be a disconnect in the implementation between the Grimoire of Sacrifice and pet version of this spell. We’ve been working on multiple issues that have popped up and I wanted to post to let you and others know that we’re working to get this issue and others resolved. Expect a fix here soon!

Thank you for the heads up!


Thanks for all your work! :smiley:


Should have just left this to the ladies (Succubus), THEY are the real seduction experts :slight_smile:


No complaints here, destro plays fine with succ

Good afternoon Frozzo!

Thanks for bringing this issue to the team for review. I’ve noticed that Grimoire of Sacrifice Seduction now removes the DoTs similarly to the Succubus’ Seduction. Unfortunately, the removal of Damage Over Time Spells (DoTs) is counter-effective to our class design, especially when playing Affliction.

Considering Seduction has a 30 second cooldown, has a 1.7 second cast time, shares a diminishing return category with fear, AND must be stationary channeled while casting (making it easily interuptable), would you mind advocating on behalf of the Warlock community for the developers to reconsider Seduction removing the DoTs, with the spell-break protection baked into our “Fear” spell?

It feels bad when you use it and it removes immolate, and it feels TERRIBLE when you use it as Affliction and it removes all DoTs. Especially when using it as Grimoire of Sacrifice’s Seduction as you’re basically halting your own character, applying a Diminishing Return, and not gaining anything but stalled time with it.

Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

Since we have a blue boi here any chance we get a hint if affl is getting a rework? i dont think a lot of the community likes it :slight_smile:

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