Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

That’s an interesting take on it.

Stop taking away all of the skimpy stuff! The world has skimpy clothing, so can Azeroth! Don’t be that jerk!


I’m not trying to do that

lol to funny

No you don’t I not only armoried this toon, but all your others.

Stop judging people, unethical? Unethical is fibbing about serving in the military, unethical is telling people what they can like or not like.


Noooooooo, I luv them little succubusses, everytime that whip wacs I get all tinglely inside.

I gotta admit. You for me pretty good. I’m not falling for your trolling anymore though. Have a blessed day.

Not trolling, I armoried your toons and you have no chieves. Be careful when you lie, cause people like me remember the lies that you forgot you made. I mean it’s day 24, if you do have wife and kids I feel really bad for them, cause you are always here.


I commend you for your dedication!

Look up the definition for “trolling” cause that isn’t what I am doing.

You on the other hand are a prime example, like when you tell me and others “Have a blessed day”.


served in the military where tough skin is a MUST HAVE.
Is involved in this snowflakery.

Agreed. I don’t believe you.


Look at this character’s PVP record, not only is he a liar, he is a hypocritical dude. he’s used the succubus, and i bet your bottom dollar if he’s not here, he is using it as we comment here…
just wants to feel useful


I’ve admitted to using it in the past? Keep up…

You keep stating I don’t have any achievements, I’ve told you numerous times that I have over 20k achievement points. You keep saying the same thing over and over, despite concrete evidence to the contrary.

You are trolling and you know it. If I tell you to have a blessed day, I’m trying to take the high road and conclude whatever business you think you have with me. I let you say your piece, I have nothing else to say.

Succubi are not human - they are demons from an entirely other dimension; who’s to say what gender they are? Just because their male counterparts, incubi, exist in other mythos does not mean they exist in WoW lore.


So you take blizzards interpretation at face value?

still use it today. keep up.

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its their game… you are not the creator or the storyline writer. thank the underlords for that.
it be worse than it is now.

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Doesn’t matter