Succubus is sexist please remove/ incubus incoming

Shivarra actually all follow the same nature, their purpose is to dominate, torture, and manipulate other beings.

All demons have free will, but they also have inherent natures.

Such is the metaphysics of WoW demons and aberrations :slight_smile:

Wrong again.

Alas, I am not wrong; again, review your lore between the legacy of the masters questline, the Shivarra voice lines (there’s more than the combat ones, fun fact, the minions are all quite chatty), and the other demonstrations of who they are and what purpose they serve :slight_smile:

Removing succubus is stupid. Adding an incubus option sounds legit though

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At this point im starting to believe you’re one of those cringe hardcore headcanon fan.

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Support warlock stables :smiley: thread could use a bump and more support always

I know, I know, warlock lore is so complicated. We’re former shaman, former priests, former mages, we use shadow, and elemental magic, and demons, and aberrations, it’s just a mess.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to fully grasp it eventually!


Please don’t use the word we, it’s like you’re trying to drag everyone down to your level.

There are Warlocks that know what they’re talking about, and then there’s you.

Ah you’re so precious.

Anyways I’ll be back tomorrow to encourage everyone to support warlock stables :smiley:

Have a blessed evening, refresh your grasp of the lore and IRL demonology in the meantime, I did a brief summary earlier but there’s so much more :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty neat thread you made there. Gave it a bump cuz those are legit awesome ideas. Imagine if you could make more bargains with more demons than what’s available. That would be legit

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Yeah you actually believe demonology is real, that’s enough cringe for today.

Thank you! An Incubus is long overdue, and adding “male-only” demons otherwise to the succubus slot would slap.

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Here’s hoping!

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Well, demonology does exist outside of the game. Whether you believe in it or not, is another story.

And it’s the origin of almost all of our in-game warlock and demon lore


Anyways I’m off now, ciao, I’ll post about incubus and warlock stables tomorrow again :slight_smile:

Keep on fighting the good fight.

You kinda become just as cringe as he is, WOW demon is an alien, WOW’s orc is an alien, if you used the lore of outside source to justify it’s WOW counterpart, it should prove enough you don’t know what you’re talking about.

If i was just as cringe as Baalsamel i would link you Tolkien’s orc to argue about WOW’s orc.

I didn’t and I’ve said as much dozens of times.

You have too much time on your hands OP. Get a life/job.

I have a life.

I’m able to handle more than one thing at a time. It’s a grown up skill called multitasking.

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Grown ups don’t care about a fictional creature in a 15 year old game. Nice try though.

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