Stuck under the world

Unstuck service didn’t move me, repairing the game files did nothing, and I can’t stay logged on my character for more than 1 second without disconnecting.

Stuck character is this one.

If the character stuck service did not work, you should be able to put in a ticket using this and it should show now if your stuck service is on cooldown.


Service is on cooldown, and ticket has been opened – was just hoping opening a forum post might yield more immediate answers, rather than waiting till god knows when before I can log onto my main here and play before resets start happening in a few days.

When the online stuck service doesn’t work, there’s a link at the bottom that allows you to submit a priority ticket.

Used that link for the ticket, but estimated wait time is > 24 hrs. :frowning:

Actualy 24 hrs is what it should be or less thankfully hopefully sooner.