Stuck on dead server.. on the verge of quitting

Minor correction: you can make new characters on Mankrik. You just can’t transfer in.

As a Mankrik player, I’m fine with them unlocking the server as long as the monitor how many people come in and lock it again if things get too crazy.

OP, you made a bad choice. Sorry. But this is what server management looks like. Especially after they’ve been neglecting it for three years prior to this point. It’s going to suck for some people, but hopefully it’s better for the majority.

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This is what bad server management looks like. I should’ve expected this given Blizzard being notorious for acting way too late. They locked servers down way too late and will clearly unlock them way too late as well.


I agree. As I said, they neglected the issue for way too long. So trying to fix it after the fact is going to cause some pain.

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These server locks were supposed to help maintain healthy server populations given the massive influx of players for prepatch/launch and the eventual dropoff of the population that always happens 1 month + afterwards. They’ve already addressed the first part by locking down servers which alleviated queues and forced people to branch off their mega servers to other servers. Now the problem is that the player dropoff has happened and queues haven’t occurred in weeks, yet the servers remain locked.

My point is that this isn’t “pain” caused from blizzard trying to fix this issue after the fact. It’s pain caused by blizzard putting up a solution and failing to adjust the solution as needed when the situation has changed

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Actually, the servers were locked after the population balance across servers was completely ****ed. They weren’t for maintaining healthy populations, but a desperate attempt to regain them.

Go back and read the blue post about the server locks. They also mentioned wanting to phase out mega realms entirely.

In the last paragraph he says “we believe the time has come to end the concept of a mega-realm”. So the locks aren’t just about the queues. They want to spread the population of the game more evenly. Personally, I don’t know that this is the best way to do this, but it’s what happens when you’re trying to play catch up.

The alliance side is fine. Plenty of raids. The horde side… not too many there.


OP is Horde.

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Yes, I’m basically saying the OP isn’t lying. And blizzard doesn’t provide good details on faction balances. The only thing they give you is a Low/Medium/High and Full pop list on the realm list.

Edit: Lets not forget the “locked” status either. lol.

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Yeah. He’s in a bad spot. Maybe he could try Ashkandi? According to Ironforge Pro, there were ove 5k logs for Horde this past lockout period. It’s still way smaller that Mankrik, but significantly better than Bloodsail.

I get that. They don’t have to lift all the unlocks at once nor do they have to open all the restrictions all at once, but it seems like that’s too much nuance to ask of Blizzard. Mega servers like benediction and faerlina should stay locked for a long time. Other servers that were really never mega servers but reached capacity during the hype of wotlk prepatch/launch should be evaluated regularly. I’m not even asking them to open the floodgates, simply allow paid transfers.

There can’t be that many people waiting to throw money at blizzard to move to a server like Mankrik where it would make it have queues again.

You’re probably right that those servers are safe to unlock, but who knows what Blizzard is doing. Maybe they’re acting on data we don’t have.

Dragonflight launches in roughly 30 days. I wouldn’t be surprised they drag their feet to the end. I’m sure they hope some folks roll over to retail for sure.

I’ll believe that.

First, I think you might be underestimating this. I’m sure there are quite a few people in your situation

Second, server like Mankrik and Pagle are probably just below mega server status. If they’re literally saying they want to phase out mega servers, they’re not going to let people make new ones. Also, while Mankrik might not be a destination server, it’s probably something a lot of people would settle for if they can’t go to Faerlina or Whitemane. Same thing with Pagle. Sulfuras is about 2/3 Horde according to Ironfroge pro. You think those people wouldn’t transfer to Pagle if things got bad enough and Benediction was still locked?

But, why not try Ashkandi? It’s about a third of the Horde population of Mankrik, but still significantly bigger than Bloodsail. Ashkandi had 5k Horde players. That should be at least a little better than your current situation.

The problem is that I have friends that I want to play with on Mankrik. My end goal is to get to Mankrik to play with them. In the meantime, I feel bad joining guilds or making friends on “temporary” servers knowing that I’ll be moving on as soon as I can. Paying $25 to move to a temporary server would be no bueno for me. If it was a free transfer I’d do it for sure, but otherwise I’d rather just play something else in the meantime

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I remember posting on here at least multiple times that like this is exactly what would happen

Then you know, a bunch of idiots would come on to my posts and defend blizzard and report my post. Then proceed to champion blizzard for their horrible way they’ve released this game.

and we’re back to where I said we would be.

I even got temp banned off the forms for making those posts.

But the guy who seen this happen three times doesn’t know what he’s talking about right thank you…

I was right again

Why were they on Mankrik and you were on Faeralina in the first place? You moved to one temporary server and hopes to move to a different bigger server? My guild chose to ride the wave out of Faeralina and it was the right choice. Haven’t had queues in at least a week.

I don’t know if Mankrik was locked ahead of time or if you missed the bus. If you missed the bus, you can’t be upset about it. Servers are locked because they are still teetering on being overcrowded. If Mankrik was locked before you made the choice, why did you not look at your options? Just seems like a lot of bad planning all around.

My friends didnt play TBC but played classic on Mankrik, and I played with them on a different char. I played TBC with a different guild on Faerlina that moved to Sulfuras when they opened free transfers. I chose not to go with them as the guild changed a lot. I decided to go back to play with my friends from classic, but at that point the lockdowns were already in place and I was limited to only the “free transfer” options.

Bloodsail Buccaneers Horde is great, doesn’t have the mega server vibe though, sorry it wasn’t a good fit for you.