Stuck on a server with friends that quit. When will xfers open?

I am a rank 6 hunter that came to a server to play with friends. Recently they quit and I would like to go back to my original server - Benediction. How come all these servers are transfer locked ? When do you think they’ll open ?


The server is full and will not unlock until it is deemed “not full”.

OP is not “stuck on” any server. OP wants to transfer to a locked server. That’s 3 or 4 out of 35 servers. So OP is not stuck. OP has around 30 servers they can transfer to.

But OP is correct. OP cannot do what they “want” to do – play on Benediction.

Beautia is also correct. A locked server will become unlocked when fewer players on it are trying to play at the same time. Blizzard is responding to players. Blizzard won’t decide “when”.

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I doubt it will be anytime soon.

Pretty soon, unless some major new content release comes out… owait…

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Have you tried recently? Benediction was unlocked when layers were removed if memory serves.

It’s 10 servers out of 41 (see blue sticky Character Transfer Restrictions -- Updated 21 August) and according to those 10 servers represent 43% of the population of WoW Classic. People reasonably want a way to play with their friends.

Bene is still locked, but not layered.

I’ll tell you what I told the other guys who wanted to transfer to a locked server.

"Blizzard has targeted you for elimination."

They are probably going to announce AQ any day now and I suspect that will keep people playing, so I wouldn’t expect them to reopen until the hype from the war effort and AQ opening has died off which will probably be quite some time.

I might be wrong, but I wouldn’t sit around waiting for them to open if I were you, I’d find another server if you don’t like your current server.

Is there a reason it doesn’t say “Locked” like Whitemane/Herod/Faerlina?

Because new characters are allowed. There are two tiers of full realms. Locked realms don’t allow new characters either and I believe are just the three that you mention, other full realms like Grobbulus don’t allow transfers but do allow people to roll fresh.

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Locked = no creation of toons

No Transfer = only indicated in this forum in the thread for it

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I actually don’t agree with locking realms at all. I think that all full realms should be like Benediction and Grob where you can create new toons, but can’t transfer. If servers are locked for a long period of time, the problem with people having trouble finding legitimate groups while leveling and rampant paid boosting instead is only going to get worse.

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Atleast this will give the OP a chance to reroll on benediction into a class that has viable DPS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: