Stuck in Loop - Cinematic and loading screen (Heir of Neltharion)


I’m in server Ragnaros PJ: Vancroft and i’m stuck in a loop and I can’t fix. There is a cinematic about neltharion heir and after that cinematic I go back to the game but immediately (1 second) loads again the cinematic and then go back and so on… I can’t move or do anything. I need HELP. I tried everything, skipping cinematic, waiting the entire cinematic, disconnecting, etc.

please let me know what information do you need to help me fix this.

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I’m having the exact same issue at the same spot.

For anyone having the same issue just got solved alone, I just waited like 6 or 7 cinematics and fixed alone…

of course, this is a terrible bug for the new players… this is incredibly bad.