Stuck after Uniting Kul Tiras - Quest Overseas Assassination not showing up

So I am on my way to unlock the Alliance Dark Iron Dwarf. Already finished the 3 Footholds for Nazmir, Vol’dun and Zuldazar in Ready for War achievement. I also reached friendly reputation on Order of Embers, Proudmoore Admiralty, Storm’s Wake and Honored reputation in 7th Legion which also helped me finish the Uniting Kul Tiras and received Flight Master’s Whistle. Then the next quest Overseas Assassination (for Blood on the Sand quest) should automatically be picked up from Halford Wyrmbane - 7th Legion High Commander but it doesn’t.

I finished those above quests before Shadowlands out, so I am not sure if the new updates got me this problem. Thanks in advance if anyone could help!

It sounds like you’ve hit any pre-reqs you need for it. Is it possible that you started it already without realizing it? It might be worth it to trace out the first part of the quest chain to check.

If it’s the character you’re posting on, the wowhead quest completion tracker shows the first part of the chain as completed. The first quest that shows as incomplete is Splitting Up.

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OMG thank you soooo much!! I haven’t played wow for several months and already forgot where I am at in the quest line. I am sort of a new player and the wowhead quest completion tracker is really helpful. Thanks again!

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